Apr 062014

Two sociologists  have proposed to stave off  the full force of climate change a little longer before our world ends. The problem is they want to work on changing the attitude of corporate CEOs, and politicians, who are in bed fully with the forces of destruction- such as the CEO of EXXON MOBIL , who just finished distributing 45 billion dollars to his stockholders last year.

rex_tillersonAt that meeting of stockholders, they voted with the CEO, Rex Tillerson, according to reporters there. And it was for business as usual. Tillerson made it clear, as have other CEOs, that business will go on. In fact, he clearly said that in a chilling statement: (PHOTO: Rex Tillerson, CEO)

What good is it to save the planet if humanity suffers?…”

Yes, he said that letting the Earth die and all humanity with it is better. He said that he and other fuel companies could not meet the standards for greenhouse gases so they won’t even try.

Tillerson then said, meeting the standards would be “devastating to economies, societies and peoples health and well-being around the world…” Once more, they won’t even try. Are any readers here who would like to volunteer to die for rich oil CEOs, …to crash and burn in one big party?

That hair trigger is ready and could explode over the next 2 to 5 years. Then it’s all over. For CEOs, that means their time will be over also.

The two sociologist below want to change the minds of corporate CEOs and find a way to agree on cutting back drastically on green house gases and save the planet. This would occur over 30 years of gentle persuasion to bring about a change of mind on the part of corporate CEOs. In the meantime, it will be burn, baby, burn that coal and oil.

[The Planetary Emergency:: Monthly Review- John Bellamy Foster is the editor of Monthly Review and professor of sociology at the University of Oregon. Brett Clark is assistant professor of sociology at the University of Utah.]

These well- intentioned professors want to take a little time to talk it out over for a generation (20 to 35 years) with the forces of a corporate mind set, a mind set of constantly “growing the global economy forever”, even though they are dealing with finite resources and a growing population. The resources aren’t there. The mind of a corporate leader is also limited and narrow. They obviously think that they can always make an economy grow, never mind the reality or the consequences. For them, it’s take all you can.

TarSandsHere is a note for you. The time for saving our planet with out heavy damage to the land and the people has past. Even now, the one track mind of the corporate CEO is locked on how much paper money he (she) can accrue before they depart a totally wrecked Earth. The two professors goal of changing the attitudes of CEOs  in a short time and becoming  model citizens of our planet is beyond the odds. (PHOTO: Digging for more dirty oil to support a few billion more vehicles for the planet.)

The professors goal of changing hearts and minds of CEOs and politicians, even in 35 years, will go nowhere.  We will, by then, be deep in the grand finale that no one wanted but did nothing. No one said, let us reason together and save the planet. It takes both sides to take action, not learning how to get along with each other, since Rome is already burning on the outskirts. The article below by the professors wants all parties to know each other and eventually, they hope that the  CEOs of the world will see the light.

From the article:

“Science today tells us that we have (did have-my words) a generation at most in which to carry out a radical transformation in our economic relations, and our relations with the earth, if we want to avoid a major tipping point or ‘point of no return,’ after which vast changes in the earth’s climate will likely be beyond our ability to prevent and will be irreversible. 4″

It’s now on the horizon. This is the deep threat, the end game. From pages 2 to 4.

Guy McPherson, professor emeritus of evolutionary biology, natural resources, and ecology  at the University of Arizona and a climate change expert of 25 years… said:

arctic-blog480“We’ve never been on a planet with no Arctic ice, and we will hit the average of 400 ppm…within the next couple of years, At that time, we’ll also see the loss of Arctic ice in the summers… This planet has not experienced an ice-free Arctic for at least the last three million years.”( In 2012, a large part of Arctic ice had melted.)

With the ice gone from the Arctic waters and “…minus the reflective ice cover on Arctic waters, solar radiation would be absorbed, not reflected, by the Arctic Ocean. That would heat those waters, and hence the planet, further, This effect has the potential to change global weather patterns, vary the flow of winds. and even someday possibly alter the position of the jet stream.”

(Remember those recent heavy snow falls and cold temperatures dropping down because of an increase in warmer temperatures allowing it. More wild weather is on the agenda as the Earth’s temperature keeps climbing.)

“Professor Peter Wadhams, a leading Arctic expert at Cambridge University, has been measuring Arctic ice for 40 years, and his findings underscore  McPherson’s fears.” He said “The fall-off in ice volume is so fast it is going to bring us to zero very quickly.”

Wadhams is even giving us a guarantee that it will happen “with 95% confidence”. He says  “that the Arctic will have completely ice-free summers by 2018.” [(U.S. Navy researchers have predicted an ice-free Arctic even earlier --by 2016). ] That is only two years from now.

[British scientist John Nissen, chairman of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group (of which Wadhams is a member), "suggests" that if  the summer sea ice loss passes "the point of no return," and "catastrophic Arctic methane feedbacks" kick in, we'll be in an "instant planetary emergency."]

The world is building up and releasing large amounts of methane, a  threat to all life on Earth. See link above at (2 to 4) above.

“Ira Leifer, an atmospheric and marine scientist at the University of California Santa Barbara, and one of the authors of the recent Arctic Methane study pointed out ….that ‘the Permian mass extinction that occurred 250 million years ago is related to methane and thought to be the key to what caused the extinction of most species on the planet.”    (In the Permian extinction, it is believed that 95% of  all species were wiped out.)

Dahr Jamail  on Barack Obama, oil and the Keystone XL program, from the interview with  reporter Desvarieux on “NASA Climate Predictions Show Serious Threat to Humanity”. See this site.

JAMAIL  comments on President Obama and Climate Change:

Large extraction of oil from Canadian tar sands will destroy much of life on earth. (James Hansen, NASA)“I don’t think they even begin to touch the problem. If we just talk specifically about the famous scientist James Hansen, who’s been blowing the whistle about climate change for many, many years now, he’s of course with NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and now associated with Columbia University, and he’s the person who said, look, if we continue, if we extract all of the tar sands oil from Canada and burn that and emit that into the atmosphere, we are absolutely at game over with climate change. There’s nothing we’ll be able to do whatsoever to even to begin to mitigate how bad it’s going to be for future generations. (PHOTO: Dirty Canadian oil is polluting the rivers, the Earth and the atmosphere.)

And yet you have Obama even contemplating passing, making allowable the Keystone XL Pipeline, which really, frankly, is going to be very, very surprising if he doesn’t allow it to move forward. Of course, there is already oil flowing out of the tar sands. But he’s basically in a position to either put a big positioning  himself to allow it to increase.

And the reality is, if he was serious about climate change, he wouldn’t think twice about it; he would cancel  any future expansion of the Keystone XL Pipeline, as well as instituting a full-scale wartime response across the U.S., and as much of the Western world as possible, to start making the dramatic changes necessary to shift over to renewable energy sources and get off fossil fuels immediately. That’s really–many of the scientists I’m talking with , they say that is how far progressed we are, that’s where we’re at, that’s what needs to happen, and compare that to what we’re seeing Obama do today.”


The inhabitants of Earth will pass away. They chose greed and died as fools.

NOTE: “Statistics show there are 600 million vehicles worldwide.”

“Statistics show there may be up to 2.5 billion vehicles.” (By 2050)



Mar 212014

Frosty Wooldridge has a closeup look at what Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan want and that is Sharia law for the world. No other religion will rule the Earth. The faithful Muslims want the whole world to be faithful to the Islamic God (Allah) and the faithful of all other religions and unbelievers shall be killed, unless they become a follower of Islam.

franceriot_picIt appears, though, that another factor will take precedence on the world scene. But for now, Muslims worldwide are in the process of conquering Europe (and Canada and the United States).  Europe, for example, is undergoing hell as a growing Muslim birthrate and immigration increases the millions of hostile Muslims that join the enemy within. And they refuse to become a part of the loyal citizenry of their new homes. Instead, they want to take it over and install Islam. The Muslims are now taking over their new countries block by block, with no-go areas in France, Sweden,  England and other nations. These Muslim areas are established to keep out the original inhabitants. (PHOTO: Muslim immigrants burn down parts of French towns and attack police and fire fighters as buildings burn down.)

Why don’t their nations elected leaders stop this? They seem to be fixated on multiculturalism as their nations lose all identity and violence and death (already taking place) become commonplace.

Now we Americans are day by day becoming the victims of Muslims who continue their efforts to make America and Canada Islamic states with no room for other religions.

James Walsh, former Associate General Council of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service, gave us a clue for Americans on what will happen to our nation when the constant importing of hostile foreign immigrations continue unabated.

From Frosty Wooldridge:

“Immigrants devoted to their own cultures and religions are not influenced by the secular politically correct facade that dominates academia, news-media, entertainment, education, religious and political thinking today.

“They claim the right not to assimilate, and the day is coming when the question will be how can the United States regulate the defiantly unassimilated cultures, religions and mores of foreign lands? Such immigrants say their traditions trump the U.S. legal system. Balkanization of the United States has begun.”

A number of areas in the European Union states have become no-go zones, that is, citizens are told that these zones are dangerous to walk in, or they will be beaten seriously or killed by Muslims.

An example in London:

article-2329089-19F15F54000005DC-377_634x436“Two Muslims jumped a  British Army trooper in London a year ago on a main street and beheaded him with machetes in front of stunned shoppers. This kind of behavior remains normal in Islamic countries…” (Wooldridge)

These two Muslims cut off the soldier’s head next to a military post. The Muslims pranced up and down, bragging about their deed. The bystanders just watched and no one did anything. This killer even gave a long speech. Soldiers can’t even defend themselves in their own country.

(NOTE: The British Government, a few years ago, told their soldiers to not wear their uniforms when they are back home for fear of Muslim attacks in their OWN COUNTRY.)

Muslims in America are trying to make Sharia law legal in our nation and have already made some Sharia (simple legal law) in Canada legal. Islamic law is a comprehensive law, which includes the death penalty for your speech or violation of some simple religious law.

From Wooldridge:

muslim_demonstration001“During the public comment time at the Dearborn, Michigan city council meeting this month (March), a Muslim stood to demand that the city institute Sharia patrols to keep young people out of parks and to prevent the sale of [offensive] magazines in stores.

“Mr. Hassan took his place in line during the public comments and chanted Islamic prayers. He demanded that the city begin patrols of the parks because people used them for ‘sexual activities’.” (Example: kissing)

Wooldridge is correct in that Muslims want to install Sharia globally and no other religion will be tolerated after Islam is instituted. Churches will be used as the Muslims did in the past. They will be turned into mosques or destroyed. And of course, there are a number of reasons that a person can be executed under Sharia. PHOTO above is from London.

Muslim families living in America will also then be able to continue to allow the blood flow of the innocents when the daughter “brings shame” to the family’s name. An example is when a daughter becomes like a westerner, and causes her to damage the family reputation. The father or brother of the girl must restore the good name of their family by killing her.

The girl below, committed the crime of  becoming a westerner, dating a non-Muslim and bringing shame on their family, for example. These are reasons to kill the daughter.

25_244x183Here is one of a number of examples of a young girl from a Muslim family in the United States who has “shamed” their family and was punished by a family member who killed the daughter for the “crime” of enjoying life in a free country. (In America. the killer, a member of the family, has been punished under U.S. law for this crime. )

In October of 2009 the lead investigator Det. Chris Boughey of Arizona’s Peoria Police Department  investigated “the murder of 20-year-old Noor Almaleki, who was run down in broad daylight by her father (and killed).  Her father …was angry that she had become too westernized and did not want to accept a marriage her father had arranged for her in the family’s native Iraq.”

["According to a 2011 report by Human Rights Watch, Iraqi law "limits the prison sentence to less than three years for an honor killing of a wife by her husband."]  See more here.

d1Read this report to see more brutality and executions from Muslim fathers to young daughters who brought “shame” to their family in places like Mississippi, Ontario and Lewisville, Texas. The horror of Islam is worldwide and where Islam resides is where evil thrives. The only way to stop it is to destroy it. This is a battle between Good and Evil. And there is no compromise with Evil.

See Muhammad: The word not mentioned in polite company. Sharia only brings death and horror wherever it goes.







Feb 282014


(February 21, 2014) “UCLA will foot the bill for its employees to learn to speak Spanish under a new program launched this month  at the Southern California-based public university.

“It is important as a university and employer that we are on the cutting edge providing our staff with the necessary tools needed to meet the future…The exciting opportunity for a staff employee to learn a language during working hours is priceless.” Lee Walton, UCLA diversity coordinator.

Campus officials say that the Spanish language course has made it possible for managers ‘to speak Spanish with their staff members…And ‘they have noticed improved morale in the workplace.”

The fact is that the Spanish language has been part of the plan to integrate North America since 2005 under Bush, Prime Minister Martin, and President Fox, injecting Spanish for all schools in the United States. The reason is that Mexicans and other Spanish-speaking groups will dominate commerce (open borders) throughout the Southwest United States and other places in America, such as Florida.

Corporate CEOs are in charge of building a North American Community with no borders. This group, the NACC, a North American Competitiveness Council, is responsible for planning and implementing this new trading region, with governance by annual North American summits. CEOs also give advice and legislation to leaders and to cabinet members of all three nations. In turn, the data is passed on to members of  all three legislatures of North America for passage.

The CEO plan for constructing a new governance in North America is to import large numbers of Mexicans into the United States and Canada in order to lower American wages. Right now U.S. corporate CEOs are moving their auto factories and other plants, such as Whirlpool, to Mexico where the maximum wages are $3.50 per hour and $.50 an hour for benefits. See the link below on pages 27 and 28  of a North American Community. The goal is to compete with the third world, meaning no more middle class and an abundance of unemployed Americans.

whiteracistbacktoeurope_001CORPORATE CEOs are in the process of  making Mexicans and other Latinos the largest ethnic group in the Southwestern United States and in other areas, also. This means that Spanish will be the primary language and those who do not know the language can not get a job in their own country. Even now, Black and White Americans in this region often do not get a job because they can’t speak Spanish. Some have noticed that a few Americans who can speak Spanish are sometimes discriminated because of their race and the history of the European invasion of the New World. The Mexican hatred of European Whites is widespread and, in general, if Mexicans had a choice, “they want all Whites to, as their signs say, “GO BACK TO EUROPE”. (These videos should persuade you that this integration will only bring never-ending violence on a scale that only an armed region such as North America could.)

However, in the meantime, George W. Bush and Barack Obama have a plan to teach Americans to speak and write Spanish so they, too, can get $3.50 an hour. On page 30 of  the link below, Building a North American Community:


“Develop teacher exchange and training programs for elementary and secondary school teachers.”

“This would assist in removing language barriers and give some students a greater sense of a North American identity. Greater efforts should also be made to recruit Mexican language teachers to teach Spanish in the United States.”

And you, too, can make $3.50 an hour.

MexiconThat is why under this new governance, everyone will be controlled by a tri-regional police/military organization, which Obama is now constructing from pages 8 to 12 in Building a North American Community below. Mexican troops are in training  (in photo) with Americans toward a tri-national military/police state. The photo  is also a real Mexican Army convoy on its first mission as part of a 2005 North American relief operation across Texas to bring supplies en route to New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina.

But President Obama, in fact,  has made more progress toward integrating the continent than Bush. That includes pushing Spanish for Americans. Go to thesigintreport.com and click on NAFTA, then scroll down to the videos where Obama pleads to a crowd in Georgia that all Americans must learn Spanish. Now you know why.

George W. Bush tried to bring Spanish for Americans in 2005 as part of a plan to integrate North America by Richard N. Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations in 2005. This integration (SPP-Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America) was “SIGNED” by the three leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States at Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005 (p.24, link below).  The plan began with “working groups”  from Canada, Mexico, and the United States meeting at the U.S. Department of Commerce, led by Geri Word. The plan is called Building a North American Community. Geri Word is still in charge for the perimeter task around North America.

The CEOs of Canada, Mexico and the United States agreed to integrate North America, surrounded by an outer perimeter, and eventually open all the  the interior borders throughout the continent. This means that all “citizens of North America” will be free to “live and work”  anywhere on the continent. It means that the United States will no longer exist. It means that  in many parts of the former U.S., foreigners will now live there. (See pp. 27, 28 on the link above.)

naftaThe CEOs of the three nations put this new regional plan together and tried for completion by 2010 but Congress failed to pass several legislative bills, pushed by John McCain. It will be modeled after the European Union and the African Union. The Secretary of State and the Secretary of Homeland Security would have been responsible for reporting  to Congress each year for progress on completing this continental perimeter.  A number of bills were put forth in Congress but they all failed from 2005 to 2007.

Read this link which shows two of these Congressional bills, their location (North American perimeter), and the U.S. officials in charge of the project.

When Barack Obama became President he agreed with Bush that he would continue integrating North America and the Partnership for Prosperity in the Americas-34 nations of the Western Hemisphere (PPA), an integration of the Americas. This is a region to compete with the European Union. The Secretariat would be in Miami, a Spanish-speaking area. Hillary Clinton was put in charge of both projects.

0204harperObama was not happy with the progress of integrating the North American Community so he and Prime Minister Harper of Canada  announced, illegally, that he would implement a North American perimeter around Canada and the United States, and work with Mexico to modernize the interior border with the United States. Once the goal of opening all interior borders for the continent is complete, all citizens of North America could “live and work” anywhere on the continent. (Reference to a perimeter can be found on pages 3 and 8,  Building a North American Community in the link above.)

Initially all citizens would use biometric IDs. Mexico has already started by giving all children, from 5 to 17, biometric ID cards, making them eligible for a North American Border Pass. All Mexicans will eventually have these IDs with 10 fingerprints and eye scans. (Photo of Mexican children with a sample of their biometric ID.)

021411jerry2Bush began integrating this continental Community and Obama agreed to finish it. Briefly, it means that, when finished, the continent will be one region, consisting of a North American perimeter and all interior borders will be abolished. Everyone in North America is supposed to have a biometric ID. Eventually, no one will be asked for a biometric ID once the perimeter is complete. All citizens of North America will then be able to “live and work” anywhere on the continent.

North Americans can then compete with the Chinese. NO MIDDLE CLASS. A lot of unemployed Americans. The CEOs planned it this way so they could live it up until the end comes.

Building and implementing the 32-page North American Community will make the U.S. Constitution null and void.

Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER.