May 212016

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Hillary Clinton will ban all guns and ammunition in the Western Hemisphere. Clinton has been working to integrate the Western Hemisphere, thirty-four nations. As of today, 31 nations have integrated. As of today, Mexico is currently in the process of adding 25 million ID cards to children in Mexico.

As of today, both Canada and the United States of America are having  (problems) with details, including guns and ammunition. Hillary Clinton is currently wanting to repeal gun ID cards from American citizens of the U.S. and Canada and stopping any more guns and ammunition from importing any more- plus from adding any more ID gun and ammunition cards from being imported any more. All gun ID cards in the United States will also be  confiscated. All guns, ammunition, ID gun cards.

Meanwhile, the NRA and a lot of gun owners don’t quite understand that the EU-US (members of Congress, House and Senate)  may soon sell Americans out to foreigners. The United States is now part of the Western Hemisphere who are now part of the nations of the Western Hemisphere. This target is now being aimed toward all guns globally. CEOs are the new leaders of these integration mergers. All gun dealers globally have been trying to stop the sell of guns and ammunition.

The sell of guns and ammunition will soon be taken away. No more weapons will then be sold when finished.

George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and now Hillary Clinton are trying to confiscate all guns and ammunition by passing it through Congress AGAIN.

Hillary Clinton is currently still trying to take away all guns and ammunition in the United States The target now is the 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere and the EU-US. No more guns for the European Union.

The current military for our nation’s action by Mexicans could include Mexicans, Canada and United States. All three combat units have been training for combat at Ft. Bragg and Camp Bullard, Texas. Actions could also be utilized in other areas of North America.

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