Jan 092015

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George H.W. Bush was the first president to attempt to integrate the 34 nations of the Americas. This is one of the integrated regions of the world. It is based on a 1999 agreement between Kofi Annan, the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. These trading regions around the world (European Union, the African Union and the Americas will be joined by other trade regions. All regions will be the same and everything manufactured in the world will be the same. There will be no sovereign nations.

The United Nations will supply “global laws” such as speech. Our free speech in the United States will no longer be valid in the United States. Canada and Mexico will also be in tune with the new speech. This speech doesn’t allow freedom of speech. In fact, this new speech calls for imprisonment for anyone found guilty of breaking the new allowable system of speech. See the European system of speech allowed and the penalties for breaking the law.

This new speech for the United States will not let citizens of North America express their thoughts on any topic. Anyone breaking speech laws in the New World Order can be prosecuted for writing, speaking or communicating illegal thoughts on any topics, as is in the current European Union and in a majority of nations.

irving4_100853a7Those citizens who have been charged for their illegal speech can be arrested for simply saying something such as ” The Holocaust never happened.” A professor in England was convicted of that crime for just that. With a trial in Austria, he was sentenced for 3 years in prison simply for saying that. The Austrian government wanted to give him 10 years for making just that comment.

Please consider the horrific hell on earth that is coming your way in the former United States and this is being put together with a regional police state. There are now two areas operating in the Americas. The headquarters for USSOUTHCOM is responsible for the southern area and is headquartered in Miami, Florida. The USNORTHCOM is now in the United States. All military forces in the Americas are completely integrated with regular police, special forces and military. North American forces are now training at Fort Bragg and Camp Bullard, Texas.

Civil_Assistance_Plan_14feb08_smallAll forces of the Americas are now carrying the same weapons and using the same bullets. The Mexican and Canadian forces are allowed to engage in combat anywhere in North America if necessary. They have been in the process of integrating all forces. Canadian troops can now invade the United States if the Canadian commander makes the decision to do so, as part of an agreement between Canada and the United States.

If this doesn’t scare you now, I can guarantee you that soon enough you will regret that you did not listen and stand up before it became too late. That slogan, the New World Order that President H.W. Bush is fond of stating, is real.

But very soon, there will be no hope. This new integrated USNORTHCOM will make sure that every North American will be accounted for, first with North America and then with the almost completed Americas. This UN project is almost finished with databases. But the two nations throughout the Americas that are still not completed, are the United States and Canada. The deadline for completing the “census” of the Americas is 2015. All regions of the world will be connected globally when the project is finished. Yes. That is the target for this New World Order, where everyone can know your name. However, it appears that  Canada and the United States are still behind in their head counts.

This list of ex-presidents and candidates for president are in complete agreement, both Republican and Democrat. Who will you vote for now?

President’s and potential candidates for president are listed here. Who will you chose now?

The current list of past and potential presidents:

George H.W.Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush (and mass murderer), Barack Obama, candidate Hillary Clinton, and another NWO Jeb Bush.

It doesn’t matter. A new solution is needed. Please read what our leaders have done to our nation.

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