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Dec 212014

World Trade Center Attackedosama460x276First, George Bush and Dick Cheney did everything possible to allow bin Laden to destroy the Twin Towers and other targets in America. But Bush didn’t want Bin Laden. He wanted to attack Iraq, something that both Bush and Cheney wanted, even though it was Bin Laden who attacked America. It sounds completely looney but not to the president or vice president, that is, to ignore the criminals who attacked America or to ignore Bin Laden once they had him cornered.

Remember, it was George W. Bush who wanted to invade Iraq in order to win a war against the Iraqi army. But there was no reason for the U.S. to attack Iraq. So when Bush had Bin Laden cornered on the border of Pakistan with his men trapped, he asked Defense Secretary Rumsfeld if it was wise to allow Bin Laden and his men to escape.

The reason being that once the Americans capture or annihilate Bin Laden and his men, there would be no reason to continue the war against Iraq. There was no reason to invade Iraq. But Bush finally convinced others to join the invasion anyway.

In fact, Bush and partners did cross the border and attack Iraq on March 20, 2003. And this mess is still a mess in Afghanistan and now (2015) Iraq is in peril from hard core Muslims who are simply murdering their ISIS enemies, including children.

And the Bush decision also meant that Bin Laden was still an active force nearby in Afghanistan at that time. So, a contingent of American and other allies remained in country and tried to pacify the region but it appears that the foreign forces will be leaving with the situation in a bad way. It certainly didn’t work out in Afghanistan.

Instead, a far from pacified nation is the norm but it kept Bin Laden on the screen, while President Obama’s army still remains in Afghanistan but currently leaving town. (Noted: Osama bin Laden killed May 2, 2011 in Abbottabad, Pakistan)

Oh yes. We are missing the real point. And that is that George W. Bush got his “hero’s” celebration but everything else has gone to hell. Oh, yes. Vice President Cheney got his company in the green again. It was somewhere in the billions for his company Halliburton, etc. Without those [false wars], Bush and Cheney wouldn’t have had their wishes granted.

Remember. All we had to do was capture Bin Laden and company. But Bush and Rumsfeld decided that it would be better to keep Bin Laden busy in Afghanistan, showing that the terrorists are still there in Afghanistan and still counted as part of the Iraqi invasion. But with a terrorist threat gone, the Americans should be leaving. Otherwise, Cheney could not have pursued his goal of utilizing Halliburton (39.5 billion in Iraq in 2007 ) and his other companies to get the contracts for Iraq. And he did quite well. Some estimates of at least 44 million at one point. How did Cheney make these contracts for himself legal or even justify it morally?

child_amputated_armsOf course, a number of soldiers, civilians, and children were killed or maimed but these things happen in war, you know. This was a manufactured invasion of Iraq since there was no justification for it and no war. Everyone just started shooting. Too many Americans and no one is paying attention.

For most of the people it still counts as a victory. The people aren’t paying attention anyway. It’s all good. That’s a big stash that Cheney hauled in. And Bush thinks he was responsible for winning the war. This was a faux war with real explosions and dead and dying. And that ‘s all that counts.


On October 7, 2001, the Taliban were trapped in the mountain pass of Tora Bora, on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. The American forces had the enemy in a shooting gallery and under siege.

But a strange thing happened when Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld said that they (the American Forces) should remove themselves from the passes at Tora Bora.

At that moment, “Bin Laden expected to die. His last will and testament, written on December 14, reflected his fatalism.”

And that something happened when Rumsfeld met with General Tommy Franks, and after discussing the situation, Bush and Rumsfeld decided to allow Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda to escape.

The reason:

If the Americans had destroyed Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, the Americans would have to leave with mission accomplished. But that was not what they wanted. They needed a viable Al-Qaeda to show that there was still a viable terrorist organization in Afghanistan. That would show that bin Laden is still a threat in Afghanistan and in Iraq. But the truth is that there were no large groups of terrorists in Iraq.

There never was a valid Al-Qaeda in Iraq. It was a false story to encourage the demand for American troops in Iraq. So, believing the story from Bush and Rumsfeld, they let Al-Qaeda escape into Pakistan and the Americans decided to invade Iraq. The other “big lie” was that there was a large stock of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq. The current stack in Iraq is being monitored by the UN and no weapons are being manufactured.

And despite the large contingent of FOX NEWS hounds, there were no uncounted WMDs anywhere to be found. No problem. Bush and company easily defeated the overmatched Iraqi Army.

iraq-war-dead-childCasualties included civilian men, women and children who died or were horribly burned or had body parts missing. The war was over but it was only an attack of the BUSH-CHENEY-RUMSFELD group, adding credits to their history books and their retirement fund.

The attack on Iraq was a product of Bush and Cheney. That was all. There never was a a terror group in Iraq officially, just a few in the northern part briefly. There were no uncounted Weapons of Mass Destruction anywhere in Iraq. There were no active operational WMDs in Iraq.

This whole war was a dream of George W. Bush. It was a big mistake but Bush and his partners felt that they should receive the awards for their efforts. And Vice President Cheney said that he would be just as satisfied with the billions that his companies, including Halliburton, acquired during his efforts in the big mix-up somehow.

Vice President Cheney did find enough time to gather a group of companies to amass billions of Yankee dollars with his investment in Iraq. Of course there was “no special treatment” for the Vice President. And there was no conflict when making decisions about military contracts just because he was the Vice President. (In your dreams.)

However, when the war ended, as expected, the Americans and their allies went home eventually, although America soldiers continued to be killed for some reason. And the dead and horribly wounded American soldiers didn’t feel like celebrating the end.

And George W. Bush had his many celebrations, albeit the Iraq War was a performance with some mix-ups as to the groups that were part of the whole scenario. Some of the actors were not there as predicted. For example, the terrorists didn’t show for the grand finale as predicted.

There were no active WMDs, no terrorists. That’s true. But all the actors did put on a good show. Also a lot of people got killed and horribly burned and limbs amputated.

But I’m sure that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld would be proud of their supporting efforts in this quite confusing war.

George Bush and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld decided to allow Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden to escape from Tora Bora on the escape route to Pakistan, and it allowed the terrorists to remain in the region as well as kept American soldiers fighting and dying. All of this maneuvering was planned to allow the terrorists to remain at Tora Bora, thus making it possible for Bin Laden to escape and kill again.

(Yes. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld played their game in order to achieve their personal goals while American soldiers died and suffered for President Bush,Vice President Cheney, and Secretary Rumsfeld.)

The reason for releasing Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden is so that George Bush could have his gallant war victory, just as his father did. Now the historians can write about him as commander- in-chief after declaring victory in Iraq.

01-images-decade-122409ss*Many soldiers on all sides of this pretend war were forced to “make believe” but with real bullets and bombs” included. And, of course, we must include all of the innocents who were killed and wounded. That includes soldiers and the men, women and children who only wanted to live in peace and happiness.

And why? Just so President George W. Bush could become a (make believe) commander-in-chief and his Vice President, Richard Cheney, could become wealthy with lucrative military contracts from the Iraqi War.

To all of those who were forced to be part of this “! fake war !” — This will become a marker of what can happen when good people are afraid to stand up.

This was a horrific, evil and despicable plot put together for the enjoyment and wealth-building for Bush and Cheney. There was no cause for war.

To make it worse, the leaders of our nation decided to participate in bringing down two of our tallest buildings and the deaths of 3,000 Americans, just in order to bring about political realities and advance their situation.

As time moves on, the truth and reality of what happened will become extremely shocking for all to see. I hope that the “LEADERS” are charged and punished to the maximum allowed.

rumsfeld-bush-cheney31-320x239These disgusting examples of humanity, George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, and Donald H. Rumsfeld played a game with the world. Many people in the world were killed and maimed by these three criminals who treated the world as play toys, used to gain “glory” and “wealth” when they were all nothing but despicable pieces of human debris.

I hope that the world will someday look at the overwhelming documentation and see the evidence. That would be the fake glory that Bush claims to have earned when all he did was to bring suffering to a region that already knows nothing but suffering.

And then there is Dick Cheney, who worked hard to (surprise!!) manage to acquire contracts from the government and sail on to billions of dollars for his contracts with the U.S. Government in Iraq. Do you think there was illegal activity going on?

These are the lowest people in the chain of despicable human debris.

I will always remember the 3,000 citizens who were the victims of the plan by omission. That is: Soon after the President was elected, all he did was to decide that we should ignore all data that came in from Bin Laden/Al-Qaeda. Why?

And Condoleezza Rice was a faithful worker but did not understand what was going on. So she was part of the plan to ignore data concerning Bin Laden /Al-Qaeda. That was the key. Block all incoming data relating to Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. Perhaps the “BLOCKAGE” of info about the enemy had something to do with 9/11. Rice was not qualified to handle that position at all. So that was a perfect choice for President Bush.

I think we should start looking where the President was at the time.

These two terms of office by this despicable president and his vice president was a blight on humanity. And I hope that justice will be done and that something like this never happens again in the history of our planet. And I hope that someone of stature would step in next time and stop it.

Find out why George W. Bush was out of it when the twin towers burned down after the two passenger planes crashed into both. There is clear evidence that Bush was waiting for the planes to arrive on this suicide attack.

George W. Bush had plenty of warnings leading up to 9/11 but Bush ordered hands off of incoming intelligence but ignored it. This report by the U.S. Senate showed that George Bush deliberately ignored all warnings on imminent  attacks on America. Instead, Bush ignored all warnings, including from the Central Intelligence Agency.



This report was on the planning by bin Laden and al-Qaeda aimed at attacking the United States soon. This activity was occurring while in the area of Tora Bora. The warnings were about an imminent attack on America.

“Before departing, bin Laden promised the Pakistanis that something momentous was going to happen soon.” (The Report)

Remember that President Bush put his crew on a hands off situation toward intelligence gathering processes. But the official reports on potential terrorists aimed at the United States were not of interest to Bush. He said they were “historical in nature”.

This info received by President Bush was considered of no significance.

But the report said otherwise:

[American intelligence had already picked up indications that something momentous was coming. George Tenet, who was director of central intelligence at the time, later testified before the 9/11 Commission that the “system was blinking red” from July 2001 until the actual attacks. The first reports of possible attacks on the United States had been picked up in June and the warnings increased steadily from then on. On July 12. Tenet went to Capitol Hill to provide a top-secret briefing for senators about the rising threat of an imminent attack.

Only a handful of senators turned up in S-407, the secure conference room in the Capitol, to hear the CIA director warn that he was extremely worried that bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were preparing an attack on U.S. soil. Tenet told them the attack was not a question of it, but when.

Less than a month later, 0n August 6, President Bush’s daily briefing repeated the warning under the ominous headline “Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US.” The text described previous plots carried out by Al-Qaeda against American targets overseas and said the FBI had uncovered “patterns of suspicious activity in this country consistent with preparations for hijackings or other types of attacks, including recent surveillance of federal buildings in New York.”

At the time, President Bush later told the 9/11 Commission that he regarded the warning as historical in nature. The commission’s voluminous report said its investigators ” found no indication of any further  discussion  before September 11 among the president and his top advisers  of the possibility of a threat of  an Al-Qaeda attack in the United States.”

Bush and Cheney simply waited for the attack to begin.  However, the real event was a shock to Bush. It was horrific beyond his expectations, as the photos can verify.

Notice that Bush and Cheney did not have any concerns about all of these specific threats and many others that were picked up from members of Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda inside of the United States. Bush brushed them off, knowing clearly that the attack was eminent. The next attack would, as Bush had planned, give him and Cheney the opportunity to invade Iraq.

The paragraphs below were what drove these two cruel, soulless humans without humanity or love:

[NOTICE throughout the time Bush was in the area of  info concerning  threats for America, he was not interested in anything other than blaming Iraq for 9/11, even though Iraq had nothing to do with it. Bush was not interested at all with the evidence which consistently pointed to bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.

The reason was that President Bush wanted to become a hero by invading Iraq and becoming a commander-in-chief after winning a war. It would be hilarious but Bush and Cheney wanted to attack Iraq in order for Bush to become a “leader” and Vice President Cheney wanted to acquire  the contracts for Halliburton and other companies. In fact, Cheney did make billions of dollars on the Iraq (war) crime. They were not interested in the real terrorists. So naturally the real terrorists attacked New York on 9/11 and devastated the twin towers and 4 plane loads of passengers. Many men, women and children were killed in their unwarranted invasion by Bush and Cheney.

bush_booker_905aWhen President Bush sat in the Sarasota, Florida classroom and was listening to his adviser briefing him on the horrific killing taking place in New York, he appeared in shock. Bush had not expected this massive attack on America. Remember that Bush made sure that our forces were not given the information needed to stop this attack. In other words, the President of the United States was the traitor who made this slaughter possible. Bush clearly appeared in a state of shock at the destruction and death. A few minutes later, President Bush was able to get up and head back to Washington, clearly unable to function after hearing about the crimes that he had committed against America and his people.

So far, justice has been quiet.]