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ac-kofi-annan1(Feb 01, 1999) Secretary-General Kofi Annan of the UN met with global corporations in Davos, Switzerland  and asked them to make a compact between the United Nations and the private sector, basically to treat workers and the environment with respect as they conduct business. We all know how that worked out.

The result: Corporations received the go-ahead to, in fact, put together a system of global governance by forming economic regions based on integrating nations, integrating and harmonizing sections of the economy. It will make everything that takes place in a region, any region of the world, the same. The European Union is the example that  nations are following. Two examples are the African Union and the North American Community.

The Americas is an another example, initiated by George W. Bush in 2008, that is now being put together by President Obama and Hillary Clinton (Partnership for Prosperity in the Americas). It will consist of 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere that will be governed by a trade agreement. There are currently 14 nations that have agreed to this integration.

The trade agreement for this integration will have sovereignty over each nation if there is a conflict between the trade agreement and a nation’s constitution. The United States, Canada, and Mexico have all agreed to join the Americas.

Corporations agreed with the United Nations in 1999 to establish a global community based on trade agreements and trading regions. These regions will have the same standards for governance and for all products made on Earth. Travel among the regions of the world would be simple. All travelers would be cleared before landing since all information would be on interconnected data bases. All international laws agreed on will be in force globally. In the United States some of our Bill of Rights will no longer be legal.

For American workers the good times are over. The question is how low can your pay rate go down? The answer is a lot lower. Corporate CEOs have said that they don’t want to pay high wages when they can pay less. And with little or no benefits. One CEO said he would use all robots if he could.

This is their mindset. With robots, CEOs don’t have overworked cheap labor who go on strikes. CEOs get so carried away with visions of paper money filling up large safes, they forget that no one will buy their products without workers who have money to spend. The only people making money now are the corporations. About 5 years ago American auto workers were making around $27 per hour. Now they make between $15 to $16 per hour. Mexicans now make $3.50 per hour. CEOs are now aiming to get closer to the Mexican workers wages.

6a00e55188bf7a8834011570198587970b-800wiThe news, however, continues to go downhill for workers in nations such as the United States. Corporations can now utilize cheap, skilled workers around the world. They can export manufacturing jobs to other countries and regions for short term and long term jobs. (Foreign workers still work up to 80 hours for a 6-day week for pennies per hour and in some places companies continue to use child labor.)

They can also import foreign labor into any country without any problems. The last three presidents and Congress have been very supportive toward corporate rule since CEOs in North America planned this North American Community after the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States met in Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005 and “signed” the agreement (p. 24, link above). Yes. George W. Bush signed away his country to global corporations and international law. This and the Mexican invasion are reasons why the U.S. will no longer exist before we reach 2050.

This is the most important part of the corporate plan. Now they don’t have to pay workers good pay with benefits. In many countries around the world workers will put in many hours without overtime pay or vacations, or sick leave. In some places death on the job is a real possibility.

24peso_4_650cCorporate leaders are ready for Mexico to control their outer border, with aid from USNORTHCOM. When that happens, we (U.S.) can open our common inner border with our southern neighbor and allow  Mexicans to “live and work” anywhere on the continent without needing a border pass anymore (pp. 27,28 link above). Travel to Canada will also be open to all “citizens” of North America when the outer border perimeter of the continent is secure. Obama has been working on this perimeter project since he announced it on  Jan 4, 2011.

NOTE: Mexican workers build expensive American cars and trucks in Mexico for top wages at $3.50 per hour and $.50 per hour for benefits. Our minimum wage is around $7.50. That gives you a clear vision of where we are going. Why would any corporate CEO hire an American when he can “grow the economy”  until it all falls apart in America and the world.

But these corporate leaders are only concerned about “their” 30 or 40 years of growing the economy. American workers are not even part of the equation. This will all end, though, before we reach 2050. It will end because we have limited resources which none of the idiots running the world seem to understand. Or care. But billions of desperate people won’t forget.


“In 1999 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan proposed that business and the United Nations should- initiate a global compact of shared values and principles, which will give a human face to the global market. (UN 1999) He suggested that companies embrace nine universally accepted principles in the areas of human and labour rights and the environment…”

However, as expected, corporations ignored the parts about labor rights for workers and protection of the environment and the UN went along with the corporations.  The UN still supported  business and the Chamber of Commerce.  Corporations are now in the process of constructing a world made up of trade agreements between nations and among regions. These regions are governed by trade agreement rules, regulations and appointed regional institutions. These trade agreements and all regional agreements are the law of the land. As in the European Union, parliaments will make law for regions and have sovereignty (shared sovereignty) with member nations.  There has been a mini-parliament for the EU and United States since 1999  and currently they are putting together a permanent mini EU-US parliament for the two regions.

And all appointed trade tribunals have sovereignty over the U.S. Supreme Court in any trade disagreement.

060107-clinton_naftaBill Clinton started the project for dumping American workers when he pushed NAFTA through in 1993 and corporate America was very grateful. Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama have all supported the trade agreements. Now Obama and Hillary Clinton have worked hard toward integrating North America and the Americas into a trading region, but most Americans never heard of it.

NAFTA freed American corporations from the high cost of  hiring  American workers and now the trend is to move American companies to Mexico and other third world nations. The result is that corporations are no longer looking to hire expensive American workers. Massive unemployment will rise as our government continues to bring in foreigners at the request of our president, either a Republican or Democrat. See the cost of NAFTA. First NAFTA brought wealth to CEOs and now they ask, How much wealth can we amass?

Patrick J. Buchanan:

“The American people were had. NAFTA never was a trade deal. NAFTA was always an enabling act-to enable U.S. corporations to dump their American workers and move their factories to Mexico.”

Obama has begun (Jan. 2011) working on a common outer perimeter between Canada and the United States. And Mexico has already started, together with the U.S., on an eventual integrated modern open border (2010) between Mexico and the U.S.-with no opposition. ( Yes. A lot of money has been transferred from corporate America to Congress, both Republicans and Democrats.)

“In July 1999, the Global Compact was announced officially in a joint statement made by the UN Secretary-General and the International Chamber of Commerce, Adnan Kassar. (UN/ICC) In July 2000, it was declared operational and was announced  officially launched once again at a high-level event at UN headquarters in New York (UN 2001:1)

Two months earlier, though, Kassar issued a statement that “There must be no suggestion of hedging the Global Compact with formal prescriptive rules. We would resist any tendency for this to happen.”

There has been no change  with the global corporate  stance on this. The trade agreements that Obama and Hillary Clinton supported do not have any formal legal wording in any trade agreements made by the United States that requires compliance for the decisions on the  environment or labor. They both lied to the American voters.

In fact,

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce supported all trade agreements made and signed by President Obama precisely because there is no guaranteed legal wording in any trade agreement that supports the environment or labor. Tom Donohue, President of the Chamber of Commerce, said “…that the labor provisions, (Peru Agreement) for example, cannot be read to require compliance with ILO (International Labor Organization) Conventions.”

All trade agreements have given corporations the freedom to ignore the environment and fair dealing with labor. Government officials in all nations are working in step with corporations and they both win. Unemployment is good for business because they are no longer concerned with the cost of labor or benefits.

That is a fact for all trade agreements made anywhere on the planet. Corporations are in charge, free to loot the world of its wealth- free now to build their yachts that now cost over a billion dollars and rival ocean liners in size.

So what we have in America and have always had, are two forces at work in our nation, the government and corporations on one side and the American citizens on the other. The citizens in America and their brethren around the world are easily fooled and governed by this unholy alliance, the forces of  greed- businessmen and politicians. Most of us are essentially taking orders from those without a soul, those who will lie to you and send you to your death for their gain. (9/11)

And as we stumble toward 2050, the economy will begin to collapse as billions more citizens on Earth are born just as our vital resources begin to disappear because of  too many people on the planet. During all of this, huge numbers of people, 4.5 billion  by 2050, who will be short of water, billions more short of food, the oceans will be polluted and empty of seafood, coral reefs will have been destroyed, no shelter from the burning atmosphere for many, pollution is climbing as methane escapes from the melting Arctic ice,  there are constant floods from super saturated downpours and powerful droughts in other areas. There is no one in government who can help you now.

In what is left of the United States, what can go wrong, will. Predictions from governments, scientists,  and various military organizations are generally in sync that no one can stop the road we’re on without a complete global plan. And that won’t happen.

From Professor Julian Cribb- The Coming Famine…:

“More, and possibly worse, could be in store. British defense analysts have predicted that rising populations, declining resources and climate change will increase the risk of food price spikes and shortages, water scarcities in volatile regions, mass displacement cause by climate or resource insurgency, pervasive criminality and widespread disorder.”

neo-nazi-rally-010-400x300What everyone is predicting is Chaos. Pervasive criminality and widespread disorder is a quiet way of saying Chaos, anarchy, a time when there is no control of the population and everyone with a brain should know it. Everyone on Earth should know it. If you don’t make some plans to prepare for the possibilities and there are many, your life and that of your family will be in an untenable situation.

To make things worse, our leaders produced a population mix that is guaranteed to cause extreme and unrelenting violence as armed Mexicans, Muslims, White Americans and other assorted groups of angry people prepare for unrelenting bloodshed. It will be a time in which the goal will be to destroy as many of the others as possible.  There won’t be a peaceful ending. There won’t be an ending of any kind.

PHOTO: Illegal Mexicans and Brown Berets clash with Neo-Nazis at Home Depot. Other clashes are with Mexicans against White Americans or  Mexicans against Black Americans.

A world of 9.4 billion desperate  people, knowing that there is no one at the controls, means that there are no more rules.