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warmingThe point is not that the facts aren’t available to every citizen on Earth. It can be found in government documents, news and reputable magazines, even on some shows and websites such as the Most of you don’t have the time to digest the facts and understand that at this point in the history of our planet, the existence of life here is in the balance. Reputable experts, such as James Hansen, former NASA scientist, have predicted that if we don’t stop the rise of CO2 and other greenhouse gases now, significant numbers of plants and animals will become extinct. Not mentioned, but the facts are that this climate change is, and continues to be, a cause of a large number of deaths worldwide, due to climate-caused floods, droughts, and soaring and persistent heat for those without air-conditioning. And 2.4 billion more people on this Earth by 2050 will cause a catastrophic shortage of food, water, and other resources over the next 37 years. A preview of global resource shortages will appear by 2030, a notice that it will only get worse, here and around the world.

Governments have been planning for this for some time, but obviously they have no solution or don’t want to pay the price, and corporations say it will harm the growing economy. So those of us who understand the nature of the beast, we wait for the  inevitable, wondering if this is how it ends?


(NOTE: As global warming proceeds to march to the point of no return, the plans to end the United States as a sovereign nation proceeds with an influx of over 100 million Mexicans, a fifth column that will finally achieve the return of  Mexican land by 2050. That is if the crucial temperature level of Earth can be stopped from rising. If not, nothing else matters.)

It’s obvious, also, that people around the world get the same propaganda  through the global press and television. An example is that no newspaper or television network (CNN) will talk about the 138 to 200 million more people in the United States by 2050, mostly hostile Mexicans. They will cause a shortage of water, food, and jobs-and immigrants will cause wages and benefits to drop. This topic is forbidden.

tolucaassembly chrmanufacturingWe can then compete with Chinese auto workers and Mexican autoworkers. Many of those Mexican immigrants will become residents and workers across America.  Mexican autoworkers making American and German cars in Mexic0 get $4.00 an hour. That includes 50 cents per hour for benefits. Corporations like it because they profit with more customers and cheap labor.

PHOTO: Mexican auto workers make $4.00 per hour.

Corporations also see the world as one, with open borders and people with the ability to set up anywhere as a global company. That is, no more sovereign nation but regions with shared sovereignty put together by trade agreements ( based on an agreement to work between corporations and labor through the United Nations for the benefit of both, 1999). These regions will also have appointed agencies and institutions to govern special areas, such as the waterways of North America. And finally, international laws will govern the actions of the world. That will include free speech-with exceptions.  No more First Amendment. George W. Bush signed that agreement in 2006 but it has not been implemented yet.

But all Americans can do is say don’t give amnesty to the illegal Mexicans. Meanwhile President Obama announced over two years ago (Feb.5, 2011) that he is building, with Prime Minister Harper of Canada, a North American perimeter around the United States and Canada. Obama has also made separate agreements with Mexico to complete the perimeter, with current help from USNORTHCOM, to bring Mexico’s government up to our standards. When this perimeter is finished, the interior borders between Canada and the United States and the interior borders between Mexico and the United States, can be opened to the free flow of people and commerce. Mexico has already begun biometric ID cards for all citizens between 5 and 17 .

You can find the road map for building this North American Perimeter on pages 3,8,32.  This integration of North America was initiated by corporate CEOs from Canada, Mexico and the United States. The three leaders had agreed to the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America and it was SIGNED by George W. Bush at Waco, Texas, along with the President of Mexico and the Prime Minister of Canada on March 23, 2005. (In the link above, you can find the plan for this trinational continental security force for North America on pages 8 to 12.)

110218dLater, all Mexicans will have these IDs. It will allow Mexicans with that card to have a North American Border Pass for travel freely across the United States. They can already let themselves in through border stations along the border. When that North American perimeter is finished and declared operational, all interior borders will be open to the right of Americans, Canadians and Mexicans to  travel anywhere in North America as North American citizens. PHOTO: Mexicans with biometric IDs can use a North American Border Pass at a Kiosk on the border to enter the United States.


Then all citizens of  North America can “live and work” anywhere on the continent. All citizens of all three nations must have biometric ID cards by 2015. Every citizen of the continent will have their ID card on interconnected data bases. All citizens of the Americas (34 nations) will also have their biometric ID cards by 2015 and all nations of the Americas will have their databases interconnected. It’s part of a UN project to give “CIVIL IDENTITY” to all citizens of the world. The European Union, for example, is the global leader with civil identity for a large member of European citizens. They are now using their system to locate individuals for business, legal and criminal searches from an extensive database, which is always growing.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, “Between Two Ages, America’s Role in the Technotronic Era” 1970 (member of the Council on Foreign  Relations and a former director of the Trilateral Commission.)

“The technotronic era involves the appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subjected to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

If  integration on a global level is successful, anyone can be found anywhere on the planet. The big roadblock is that over the next 4 decades it appears that our planet will be destroyed by an excess of greenhouse gases produced by a human population grown out of control and no signs of sanity by our leaders. Either way, many ordinary citizens will pay the ultimate price.


Recent news from climate scientists have announced (July 25, 2013) bad news for the world as emissions will climb to danger levels by 2100 in both scenarios that studied a number of global climate models.706268_650x366 In one study, the results showed how important it is to keep the level of gas emissions down, something we are no longer doing. Read here.

“Two recently released animated NASA visualizations developed to support the forthcoming third US National Climate Assessment show projections of Earth’s temperature and precipitation patterns  from today though the year 2100–revealing how ‘low’ verses ‘high’ emissions would impact the planet’s climate.”

The scientists used “two different scenarios of future CO2 emissions… the “higher emissions”  test was used to see what would happen when they tried a “fossil-fuel-intensive future in which concentrations of atmospheric CO2 exceed 800 ppm by the year 2100.”

The other “lower emissions” scenario used a less “fossil-fuel-intensive future in which atmospheric CO2 concentrations level off at around 550 ppm by 2100.”  The goal is to keep the ppm levels from climbing any higher than it is now (under 400).

But the world, including President Obama, has already accepted whatever the pollution levels reaches. There is no real target to aim for anymore. With over one billion more vehicles on the Earth by 2050, all of the dirty oil we can dig up will be used. And we still have the assurance by all scientists’ studies that by 2050 over half the world will be without enough fresh water or none at all, all of the fisheries in the oceans will be gone and climate change will make it’s mark on food supplies. There will be a growing deficit of food over the next four decades and the United States will be hit hard. Remember who let them in when it all hits the fan.

The whole world will get much hotter by 2100.


Arctic icebergWe’ve already reached the first danger point at 400 ppm briefly. But we are no longer trying to stop the world from reaching these other marks. In fact, in both the Arctic and Antarctica, warming is now in play. We are no longer trying to stop the temperature from reaching catastrophic levels. In fact 2.4 billion more people on the Earth by 2050 and over one billion more vehicles burning dirty oil from both Canada and the United States would seem to seal our fate. Once done, it will last for thousands of years.

Professor Peter Wadhams, co-author of the latest paper on Arctic warming in Nature, answers questions on differing earlier studies on the pace of melting ice in the Arctic and gives his evidence in this interview for a new, more dire result.  Wadhams explains their position:

“…the release of a 50 Gigatonne (Gt) methane pulse from the thawing Arctic permafrost could destabilise the climate system and trigger costs as high as the value of the entire world’s GDP. The East Siberian Arctic Shelf’s (ESAS) reservoir of methane gas hydrates could be released slowly over 50 years or ‘catastrophically fast’ in a matter of decades-if not even one decade-the researchers said.”

Read the complete article for a sobering conclusion, especially since the corporations were never on board for stopping the rise of greenhouse gases and no leaders of  the Earth’s nations will get in the way of the real power that decides the fate of our planet.

The global situation will continue to deteriorate as we move toward 2050.


Vigilant GuardThe three leaders of this North American Community will rush into place a trilateral continental police state as soon as possible due to a rapidly deteriorating  situation. That would be resources dwindling, including water, food, fuel, shelter, and medicine. This, all due to a collapse of our borders and massive, unchecked refugees with nothing to lose. They will come from Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean, even beyond, as the global situation unravels.

(PHOTO: Alaska National Guard assists Anchorage Police to learn how to “calm or detain rioters.” Vigilant Guard.) The following link has an article that has two paragraphs which have been been lined through. That was done by the USNORTHCOM site but is incorrect. Every word in these two paragraphs are still valid, despite the government’s effort to say otherwise.  USNORTHCOM.

Unlike Cambodia (1975-79), where barter and gold were the means of commerce in the killing fields, paper money and even gold will be worth nothing in post America. A crate of canned goods, for example, will be used to trade for other items such as the list above.

1III1I1214222088Violence will be commonplace. Law and order will no longer exist. Just think if you were in that situation. You would do all you could to keep your weapons to defend your home, if you still had one. That is why our leaders will continue to try and confiscate all civilian weapons, by force if that becomes necessary. Now you know why all citizens of the world must have a biometric ID, so that the government can find anyone, anywhere, on a database.

PHOTO: USSOUTHCOM AND USNORTHCOM both train at Camp Bullis, Texas and other sites in the United States. USSOUTHCOM and USNORTHCOM are forming two armies to enforce law and order in South America and North America as parts of the Americas, a trading region based on the European Union. USSOUTHCOM, in photo , is headquartered at Miami, Florida. The Secretariat of the Americas will also be in Miami.

“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face-forever. George Orwell.

Only worse.

And finally, credit goes to the ones who made it possible:

“…for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by their sorceries were all nations deceived.” REVELATION 18:23




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