Mexican Cartels: Updates, plus Zetas have summer jobs for Mexican teens

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Jun 212011

A look back on a few incidents the first half of this month shows the same murder and mayhem we come to expect from the land of the siesta, with a few new places added, and a jobs program for Mexican teens sponsored by the cartels (Must attend boot camp. Read on). It means this permanent dust up is spreading to more towns and incorporating a new group of participants.

While this madness continues, President Obama is pushing forward with his illegal North American perimeter around the continent, a goal he announced in February of this year. His objective is to open our mutual borders with Mexico and Canada, allowing the free flow of people across North America because we are all “North Americans.”

I: American authorities in shootout on the Rio Grande with Cartel smugglers.

The Mexican drug war has reached America but the president refuses to carry out his oath of office.(June 9, 2011) Brownsville- “U.S. law enforcement officers exchanged gunfire early Thursday with Mexican drug runners on the Rio Grande, wounding at least three of the drug traffickers, according to the Department of Public Safety.” The incident took place in the Chimney Park area along the banks of the Rio Grande.

The confrontation happened when officers taking part in a “multi-agency ‘Texas Ranger Reconnaissance’ operation attempted to stop a large drug load from coming across the river.”

The American forces, in three patrol boats, arrived on the scene where they encountered “two boats full of drugs on the water” and a “suspicious vehicle” on the U.S. riverbank. Two game wardens were wounded by “several large jagged rocks” from the other side, followed by gunfire from the Mexican side. The two officers were treated at a hospital and released.

Three Texas Parks and Wildlife boats and one U.S. Border Patrol boat took part in the “intense but short shootout.”

U.S. Senator John Cornyn called it “a brazen attack.” His statement:

“Cartel-related violence along our border is real and escalating, and the administration cannot continue to deny it when American lives–particularly those of our law enforcement–are directly in harm’s way.” See article.

“Since 2010, the Department of Public Safety has tracked at least a dozen incidents of shots being fired from Mexico into Texas, with U.S. agents shooting back in some areas.” See more info on the shootout.

II: Next Stop Matamoros:

Decades ago I left Brownsville at the southern tip of Texas and crossed the border in my Ranchero and entered Matamoros. A Mexican border officer raised his hand. I waved and drove on. It was a quiet town. No more.

Mexican soldiers are common on the streets of towns across Mexico.(June 13, 2011) Air/ground battle over Matamoros, Mexico.

An intense gun battle took place in an industrial area on the east side of the Matamoros industrial center. “Officials confirmed it took place in an area near the Colonia CIMA3…along the Playa Bagdad around 3:30 p.m. Monday.”

“Residents reported that soldiers in (armed) helicopters were heard and seen firing ‘incessantly’ in the Colonia CIMA 3 and Ciudad Industrial.”

The firing was so intense “that nearby maquiladora workers had to stop and take refuge.”

(June 17, 2011) The violence continues in Matamoros.

Friday arrived, along with more shootouts and blockades in Matamoros. They were spread “throughout the different parts of the city.” (These battles have been going on for months.)

Mexico’s Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) confirmed one gun battle with armed men in the Colonia Pedro Moreno on the city’s southside. Two (cartel) gunmen died in the shootout. Another group of soldiers rescued 13 men and 4 women from a nearby building who claimed to have been kidnapped. One report said that they were Zetas who were kidnapped by the Gulf Cartel.

The street battles took place but a number of versions are offered. The Monitor out of McAllen, Texas reports that Heriberto “El Lazca” Lazcano, leader of the Zetas, went to Matamoros with a large armed force to confront the Gulf Cartel.

According to The Monitor, the Mexican Army had a force “stationed in downtown Matamoros and patrolled the area but did not participate in the gunfire.”

“But a U.S. army law enforcement official not authorized to speak publicly confirmed a separate army regiment based elsewhere backed up the Zetas.”

The only facts confirmed so far is that a series of battles took place in Matamoros involving drug cartels and the Mexican army. Read The Monitor’s report of June 18, 2011.

III: Mexican Teenage Girls Train as Drug Cartel Assassins.

These captured young Mexican women were training to be sicarios, hitmen for the Zetas.“Maria Celeste Mendoza was among six teenage suspected gang members arrested this week by police after a shootout with authorities in central Mexico, one of the growing ranks of young people working for the countries’s drug cartels.”

They were captured at a training camp near San Cristobal de la Barranca,, near Guadalajara. Dressed in combat fatigues, the young men and women train for combat and as sicaros, (hitmen or assassins). Or as Mendoza said before the cameras, “I’m a hitwoman.”

Her training pay was 12,000 pesos ($1,000) for two weeks. According to Clark-Alfaro, director of the binational Center for Human rights, “Organized crime has become a job provider for a section of the population who don’t have a lot of options.”

Final exam for the students is a bit more rigorous than any training you might get in, say, the Special Forces. “Miguel Ortiz Miranda, a member of La Familia cartel…described how new assassins were quickly put to the test with selected victims.

“We made (the new ones) kill them, and slit their throats and quarter them and all that. So that the new people would lose their fear of cutting an arm…or a leg…”

A dead Zeta trainee after a gun battle with Mexican special ops unit.Clark-Alfaro said that”it may mean a new pattern is emerging in the world of organized crime.” An example is suspected cartel hitman Edgar Jimenez,”a 14-year-old U.S. citizen who the army said had admitted killing several people under the influence of drugs.” Read more.

The State Police found the Los Zetas training camp and conducted a raid, which included a battle in the woods. “In the action 6 sicarios were killed and another 10 were taken into custody.

“Authorities also managed to secure six AR-15 rifles, three AK-47 rifles, one M-60 machine gun, 33 magazines, more than 500 rounds of ammo, a grenade launcher, two grenades,…a 2009 armored Ford Lobo, (and) an armored Hummer… ”

This is a new generation of Mexicans, a generation in which “a 2009 government survey of some 55,000 secondary schoolchildren in five Mexican cities showed more than one in five had seen classmates carry a weapon…”

These are the Mexicans that our President is about to welcome as our neighbors, people who have grown up and lived in a society that knows the presence of decapitated bodies, skinned and posed or castrated and hung from bridges, is part of society. Corrupt governments, police and the military can be as dangerous as the cartels. Many, in fact, are working for the drug lords.

Obama or any future president, Republican or Democrat, will do the bidding of the corporations and open up the continent to our neighbors to the south. The Obama administration is building the infrastructure now, continental transportation corridors, more and larger ports of entry where citizens of “North America” can cross with North American Border Pass cards and visitors can check themselves through. Later on, no IDs will be checked.

That process is already active. It’s called the European Union, the model for North America.

Putting out the welcome mat to the entire population of Mexico, who truly hate America, and white America in particular, is a guarantee for disaster. And sometime before we reach the halfway point of this century, America (what’s left) will become the most violent place on earth.