Mar 152011

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Mexican officials and others are fleeing Mexico because the government has either failed to provide protection for its citizens or it is part of the criminal element violating their civil rights. This is the nation that President Obama is trying to integrate into a North American Community, with the free flow of people and commerce throughout the continent.

Garcia resigned as sheriff and sought asylum in the U.S.(March 7, 2011) Marisol Valles Garcia, a 21-year-old mother and student, volunteered to take over the job of sheriff in Praxedis, Mexico last October after the last sheriff was kidnapped. The sheriff’s head was later found next to the police station. Garcia took the job of sheriff and said she would not carry a gun. In fact, she did not discuss any plans to confront the cartels. (photo)

After she “received death threats from a criminal group that wanted to force her to work for them…She left Mexico and, according to a relative, ‘went to the United States along with two relatives and will seek asylum.”

Police across Mexico receive the same offer from the cartels and they either accept the job or decline. If they decline, chances are good that their heads will become lawn ornaments.

(March 10, 2011) “El Paso, Texas–Journalist Emilio Gutierrez and thousands of other Mexicans seeking asylum in the U.S. want protection they say their government can’t provide. But for the U.S., granting such requests carries practical and political risks.

According to the report, the United States is in a dilemma, “caught between human rights goals of supporting those in danger and standing by Mexico, a key ally who says it is capable of protecting its own citizens.”

Stephen Legomsky, George Washington University School of Law:

“When you’re granting asylum, you’re admitting that the government is going to persecute someone, or is too weak to give that person protection from others who could…”

Mexico is guilty in both cases. But some are carrying out the duties of their office and so far are still alive.

The problem for America is that Obama wants to complete this corporate union but can’t because of the lawless nature of Mexico’s institutions (well documented). That’s why he is working with the Merida Initiative, passed by Congress in 2008 under George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice. Once Mexico starts behaving like Canada, Obama’s plan for a “North American perimeter” around the continent can be completed and a new political union formed.

The Merida Initiative is designed to improve Mexico’s abysmal human rights record as well as the widespread corruption at all levels of government. From the Merida Initiative, H.R. 6028:

Sec. 121 Sense of Congress. “…the United States should support…”

(2) anti-corruption, transparency, and human rights programs to ensure due process and expand a culture of lawfulness in Mexico.”

Sec. 123 Activities Supported. “…to assist Mexico’s efforts to expand the rule of law and build the capacity, transparency, and trust in government institutions…”

After three years the Merida Initiative has been a failure.

(November 30, 2010) Despite the depraved nature of the Mexican cartels, with torture and killing of men, women and children that would make an Islamic jihadist proud, Janet Napolitano, Department of Homeland Security and “the Interior Secretary Jose Francisco Blake Mora signed an agreement…” In it they expressed “their intent to develop a Global Entry international trusted traveler program between the United States and Mexico…”

Tied to this trusted traveler program is the launching of a program to assign a Mexican national biometric ID card to every man, woman and child in the country. On January 25, 2011, President Calderon started implementing the program in Tijuana with school children as the target. Mexico hopes to have IDs for 25.7 million children under 18 years of age within 5 years.

Next are the Mexican adults followed by foreigners living in the country.

A national biometric ID card for every man, woman and child (REAL ID) in America is still on the agenda, this time delayed until January 15, 2013, by Janet Napolitano. Canadians will also have a card. Every citizen of North America with a biometric ID will be qualified to have a North American border pass and the databases will be shared. It’s mandatory. Turn it down and see how it affects your life.

Training for cartel raids in Tucson, Az.The Mexican cartels have already integrated their system within the United States with several hundred distribution centers such as Atlanta. The failed state of Mexico is already here and people are dying in America as a result. We are fully engaged despite Obama’s “gallant efforts” to secure our borders.

Two recent examples:

(February 17, 2011) Three children died in a meth explosion at a lab in Lilburn, Georgia. The Mexican meth producer, Ivan Gonzalez, left, most likely for the Mexican border. Read the story.

(March 3, 2011) “Police have tied the October beheading of a man ( Martin Alejandro Cota Monroy) in a Phoenix surburb to Mexican drug cartels, saying it was rare for such a bloody killing to take place north across the border.”

“According to the report, police believe Monroy’s murder was ordered by members of the PEI-Estatales/El Chapo drug cartel in retaliation for the 38 year-old Monroy’s having stolen 400 pounds of marijuana.

President Obama is determined to integrate North America and it’s clear that he intends to make this corporate continent open to all North Americans. Citizens will be able to ‘live and work” anywhere they please. They don’t have to learn English or assimilate. This union will be modeled after the European Union and there will be no nation left for your loyalty.

The next 40 years will be filled with turmoil and violence as resources dwindle and population grows. The world, and especially the United States, is on the verge of a new reality and no one is prepared.

Ask yourself this question. In the future, will Mexico be like us or will we be more like them?

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