Feb 112011

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Indeed. Why did President Obama announce the plan for a North American perimeter even though there are two “comprehensive immigration” bills in Congress. If either one is passed and signed, it would allow the construction of a “common security perimeter” around North America. Both bills go into details on how to implement this perimeter. Obama knows that this perimeter plan is in both pieces of legislation. His announcement is not a “New Border Vision” but the same plan for the last 5 years. Read this article and see the wording in S. 3932 which mandates this common security perimeter for North America and gives details about border ports of entry projects, all for the purpose of moving “people, products, and capital” across our common interior borders rapidly.

From The Wall Street Journal:

Obama has adopted all of George Bush's programs; passing all trade agreements, integrating North America, and the PPA, integration of the 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere with a possible secretariat in Miami, Florida.“The plan calls for deeper collaboration in areas from cargo-screening to intelligence-sharing inside their common shared perimeter. It calls for common standards for biometrics in screening travelers entering through the U.S. and Canada, and seeks to integrate the system for tracking those entering and leaving the countries.”

‘We commit to expanding our management of the border to the concept of a North American perimeter-not to replace the border, but where possible to streamline and deconjest it.” (P.M. Harper)

“The border declaration outlines broad goals, leaving details and implementation too be hammered out later. That could be tough, some analysts say, as some measures may REQUIRE LEGISLATION and others could run up against resistance on both sides of the border.”

This North American perimeter has been in almost every comprehensive immigration bill since 2005. The term is referred to as a common security perimeter in the Independent Task Force plan for Building a North American Community, a plan to implement deep integration of North America. It includes steps that will bring about a North American Union.

A U.S. Department of State article noted that the Independent Task Force (consisting of CEOs from the United States, Canada, and Mexico) called it a “road map to transform North America into a trading area that allows for the seamless movement of goods, labor mobility and energy security.” The Obama/Harper plan comes directly from the road map. Read the article and click on the link at the bottom, then scroll down and click on (English version 295K PDF) for Building a North American Community. This is the government’s connection to corporate America’s project for the end of the USA.

NASCO. The North American SuperCorridor Coalition is one of several continental MULTIMODAL transportation systems that will cross North America all day, all night, carrying Mexican labor, and cargo from ports in Southwest Mexico.Or go to this permanent site to access the document, Building a North American Community. The 32-page plan has been used by working groups from the three nations at the U.S. Department of Commerce under Geri Word. This is the document that is going to make the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution historical artifacts, no longer in use.

The question is why did Obama decide to announce this open secret of a North American perimeter. No one responsible wants to discuss it since the truth would become obvious and officials could not justify their actions if pressed. Perhaps Obama thinks the legislation won’t be passed anytime soon and he wants to get started on the project and obtain legal permission later. The corporate trading area of North America needs to be finished so we can compete by allowing Mexicans full labor mobility to the United States and Canada. The 32-page plan covers this clearly on pages 26,27,28. Move the mouse over map of NAFTA transportation corridors and see why this North American perimeter is being constructed.

Building a North American Community, page 26:

“To make the most of the impressive pool of skill and talent within North America, the three countries should look beyond the NAFTA visa system…A long-term goal should be to create a ‘North American preference’ -new rules that would make it easier for employees to move and employers to recruit across national boundaries within the continent. This would enhance North American competitiveness, increase productivity, contribute to Mexico’s development…”

“Canada and the United States should consider eliminating restrictions on labor mobility altogether and work toward solutions that, in the long run, could enable the extension of full labor mobility to Mexico as well.”

The goal is to transfer Mexicans to the United States as the future workers of North America. Wages will drop throughout the continent and CEOs can rejoice because they can now compete with the world. Read those three pages listed above. They include combining our social security system with that of Mexico in a Totalization of Social Security. The agreement was made by Bush in 2004 but he never signed it. That’s in play.

A similar bilateral “New Border Vision” agreement has been made with Mexico. Since Mexico has a few problems that would prevent it from becoming compliant with the requirement for operational control of their borders and nation, plus becoming compliant with acceptable standards for judicial, police, and military behavior, the U.S.will continue working with that country through the Merida Initiative. The finished project, of course, would result in a North American perimeter.

This plan for a common security perimeter around North America can be found on pp. xvii, 3, and 8 in Building a North American Community.

Page xvii:

“The Task Force’s central recommendation is establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and security community, the boundaries of which would be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter.

An external tariff is a step for those who plan a union of two or more nations.

Page 3:

“The Task Force proposes the creation by 2010 of a North American Community to enhance security, prosperity, and opportunity…Its boundaries will be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter within which the movement of people, products, and capital will be legal, orderly, and safe, Its goal will be to guarantee a free, just and prosperous North America.”

The free movement of people (labor), products and capital within that North American perimeter is another step toward a union.

Page 8:

“Establish a common security perimeter by 2010. The governments of Canada, Mexico, and the United States should articulate as their long-term goal a common security perimeter for North America…We believe that these measures should be extended to include a commitment to common approaches toward INTERNATIONAL negotiations on the global movement of people, cargo, and vessels. Like free trade a decade ago, a common security perimeter for North America is an ambitious but achievable goal that will require SPECIFIC POLICY, STATUTORY, and PROCEDURAL changes in all three nations.”

A common security perimeter around North America is the tie that binds this North American Union together. A few decades after our leaders have changed the borders and demographics of our nation, we will in fact, no longer exist. A hostile people, speaking a foreign language and filled with enduring hate at white Americans for “stealing their land”, will be the dagger at America’s throat.

This plan for a union of North America has no requirements for foreigners to assimilate, to speak English or become a citizen. All languages will be equal. Yes. We have this policy courtesy of the European Union. In the EU, the government does business in over twenty languages.

This is a sample of what Americans can expect from this union on pages 29, 30:

“Develop teacher exchange and training programs for elementary and secondary school teachers. This would assist in removing language barriers and  give some students a greater sense of a NORTH AMERICAN IDENTITY. Greater efforts should also be made to recruit Mexican language teachers to teach Spanish in the United States and Canada.” (Americans will have to learn the dominant language to survive.)

Now that you know what our government/corporate partnership has in store for our nation, you may want to ask your members of Congress and the president to explain their actions in this deconstruction project for America.

Our nation could one day be destroyed by huge armies and powerful weapons, or quietly, over time from within, by leaders who conspire with others to commit their acts of treason, all the time shouting “God Bless America” to the adoring crowds.

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