From China to America: Too many People, not enough Water

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Oct 292009

“Under present conditions…we will run out of water long before we run out of fuel.” Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, chairman of Nestle. 2009

“Cholera may return to London, the mass migration of Africans could cause civil unrest China, 2009. A farmer draws muddy water for a vegetable garden. China's heading for disaster from either no water or highly contaminated Europe and China’s economy could crash by 2015 as the supply of fresh water becomes critical to the global economy. That was the bleak assessment…by forecasters from some  of the world’s leading corporate users of fresh water, 200 of the largest food, oil, water and chemical companies.” (Including Shell, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Cargill, Aug. 2006)

If your water supply runs dry and you can’t find another source, then you have a water shortage. Although there is a lot of water in the world, there is only a small amount of clean, fresh water available for people, industry and agriculture. Desalination plants can mitigate the problem in areas near the ocean but not a thousand miles inland. Conservation methods can make water do more but only to a point. The factor that renders all efforts futile is too many people. Specifically, over two billion people in the next 40 years.

A recent report compiled by 24 agencies of the United Nations states:

“The world faces a bleak future over its dwindling water supplies, with pollution, climate change and rapidly growing populations raising the possibility of widespread shortages…”(The Globe and Mail).

“The assessment, called the World Water Development Report, says that while water supplies are under threat, the demand for water is increasing rapidly because of industrialization, rising standards and changing diets that include more foods, such as meat, that require larger amounts of water to produce.”

An example is China, which has a growing middle class-like the one we used to have in America. It now has over 400 Buick dealerships. This new class wants big SUVs and luxury cars. They are buying upscale homes and the toys that go with this lifestyle.

“The result is a continuously increasing demand for finite water resources for which there are no substitutes…” By 2050 about four billion people “will be living in areas of high water stress.”

The earth grows by 80 million each year and so will the demand for water. “Already, about 70 percent of the fresh water used by people is for growing crops and raising livestock. The (UN) report expresses concern that as more people in emerging economies gain middle-class lifestyles, they will consume more milk, eggs, chicken and beef, ‘which is more water-intensive than the simpler diets they are replacing.'”

Then there is the other end of the food chain, the billions of people who are just trying to make it through one more day, where water is a luxury and people kill for a few drops. A case in point-India, 2009:

“It was a little after 8pm when the water started flowing through the pipe running A young Indian walks across Bhopal's dry Upper Lake, hoping for a little luck.  beneath the dirt streets of Bhopal’s Sanjay Nagar slum. After days without a drop of water, the Malviya family were the first to reach the hole they had drilled in the pipe, filling what containers they had as quickly as they could. Within minutes, three of them were dead, hacked to death by angry neighbors who accused them of stealing water.

“In Bhopal, and across much of northern India, a late monsoon and the driest June for 83 years are exacerbating the effects of a widespread drought and setting neighbour against neighbour in a desperate fight for survival.”

“In Bhopal, which bills it self as the City of Lakes, patience is already at breaking point. The largest lake, the 1,000-year-old, man-made Upper Lake, had reduced in size from 38 sq km to 5 sq km by the start of last week.

“The population of 1.8 million has been rationed to 30 minutes of water supply every other day since October (2008). That became one day in three as the monsoon failed to materialize. In nearby Indore the ration is half an hour’s supply every seven days.

“The UN has warned for many years that water shortages will become one of the most pressing problems on the planet…What is happening in India, which has too many people in places where there is not enough water, is a foretaste of what is to come.

“In Bhopal, where 100,000 people rely solely on the water tankers that shuttle across the city, fights break out regularly. In the Pushpa Nagar slum, the arrival of the first tanker for two days prompted a frantic scramble, with men jostling women and children in their determination to get the precious liquid first.” More.

There is an event unfolding in the United States that will put our nation in a crisis situation so severe that we might not recover. The big event is an exploding population, not from American citizens, but foreigners, both legal and illegal. It is already impacting America from coast to coast. An example:

“The drought that gripped the Southeast from 2005 to 2007 was not unprecedented and resulted from random weather events, not global warming, Columbia University researchers  have concluded. They say its severe water shortages resulted from population growth more than rainfall patterns.

The researchers pointed to “census figures showing that in Georgia alone the population rose to 9.54 million in 2007 from 6.48 million in 1990…At the root of the water supply problem in the Southeast is a growing population…” Cornelia Dean, NYTimes, Oct. 2, 2009.

The drought resulted in litigation among the states of Florida, Georgia and Alabama. “In Lake Lanier is a major water source for Atlanta which has a growing population, including a large contingent of illegal Mexicans in North Georgia.July 2009, a federal judge ruled that Atlanta, where water demand is projected to double over the next 30 years, must find another source of water, and made the following observation: ‘Too often, state, local, and even government actors do not consider the long-term consequences of their decisions. Local governments allow unchecked growth because it increases tax revenue, but these same governments do not sufficiently plan for the resources such unchecked growth will require. Nor do individual citizens consider frequently enough their consumption of our scarce resources, absent a crisis situation…'”

How often do you hear city and county commissioners say they are for managed growth? If you put 100,000 more people in a limited area, it doesn’t matter how you plan the zoning. You’ve heard the comparison. It’s like rearranging the chairs on the Titanic. There won’t be a good ending.

The Southwest United States is at the edge of a cliff when it comes to the topic of water. Water rationing is common since a growing population of legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico and other Latino nations have continued to pour over our unprotected southern border. Census Bureau predictions are that 100 million more immigrants will arrive here or be born here over the next 30 years. A large majority will be from Mexico plus their children born in the United States. Most will settle in the Southwest. Los Angeles will become a megacity, a huge slum. The new residents will also use lots of water. Soon there won’t be any water left. Current plans to mitigate the situation include placing more dams across rivers, rivers that will have dried up because of too many people.

In addition this new wave of immigrants consistently announce their intention to assume control of the region and spread out across America. A recent Zogby survey of Mexicans found that 69 percent think “that the primary loyalty of Mexican-Americans (Mexico- and U.S. -born) should be to Mexico…”

And “65 percent of Mexicans said a legalization program would make people they know more likely to go to America illegally.”

Its called a tsunami. Remember this when the comprehensive immigration amnesty Mexican reconquistas want white Americans out of their country. Do you wonder why our government never notices what is happening in plain sight?legislation is being voted on by your members of congress. Read the complete article on the Zogby survey and watch the videos on the battle of Baldwin Park, California. Hundreds of Mexicans  confronted a few America citizens demonstrating against a monument in a public park that predicts the takeover of America by Mexicans (indigenous people). One elderly woman was wounded by a bottle thrown by a Mexican thug. (2005)

The arid Southwestern U.S. is not the place to have 40 to 50 million more people when there isn’t enough water and other resources to support the current population. The effects of our government’s capitulation will be felt by Americans across the land.

When the Mexicans get amnesty, they and their families will have the new universal health care. They are mostly uneducated and don’t have job skills so many will be on welfare and Social Security.  Others will be added to our already overcrowded prisons. And who will support the 20 million Americans out of work? Will any jobs go to Mexicans (cheap labor)?  Does this give you a hint as to how this is going to end?

The continuing insanity by our government has the potential to make the problems in northern India seem minor compared to the abuse being directed against American citizens, abuse that will only get worse. And that is because when Americans are pushed too far, they have the means and determination to rectify the injustice, no matter what it takes.

Note: The wrong link to the Zogby Survey was inserted in this article. This is the correct link. Sorry for the mixup. 11/06/09