May 132009

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Secretary of State Hillary (It takes a village) Clinton was presented with a question on Both Republicans and Democrats are working toward global governance in this New World Order.her plans for ” the problems of galloping globalization” at an anuual meeting with retired foreign service retirees. See transcript and video.

Daniel Strasser, a retired US Foreign Service Officer, had this question for Clinton:

“…listening to the various things that you are doing and also Deputy Secretary Burns-Under Secretary Burns’ list of things, I wonder if you feel that you have an umbrella over-an umbrella concept, an overarching concept in which to contain what it is that this Administration and you are trying to do to deal with what I call the problems of galloping globalization in the world. And I hope that you might have one.”

Secretary Clinton: (Laughter.)

Strasser: “May I-I know you’ve  talked about the three-”

Secretary Clinton: “Do you have any ideas?”

Two lines omitted.

Strasser: “I nominate the concept of global governance, which I know that Anne-Marie Slaughter knows a lot about, and which was proposed back in the late 90s when you were in the White House by the UN Commissioner on Global Governance. I believe it still has a lot of good proposals that probably need to be updated, but recommend to you, considering global governance, as that concept for this administration. Thank You.”

Secretary Clinton: “Well. I can just imagine what Lou Dobbs will say about that.

Strasser: “You know what? Who cares about Lou Dobbs?”

Secretary Clinton: “I agree with that. (Laughter.) We-you mentioned Anne-Marie Slaughter, who some of you may not know is our policy and planning director, first woman to have that job, former dean of the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton.

“And we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this. I mean, we don’t want to get hung up on coming up with a word. But we do have a pretty clear idea of the kind of approach that we’re taking. But I think she would be very disappointed if I were to preview any of it right now, so give me a little-give me a few weeks, okay?”

Anne-Marie Slaughter is an advocate of global governance and is active in pursuing Whether under global governance or global government, the sovereign nation and democracy will wither away.this goal. She is the author of a scholarly work, ‘A New World Order’, published in 2004. Yes. There is such a thing as a New World Order.

John Fonte, a senior fellow and director of Hudson’s Center for American Common Culture, wrote:

“Slaughter argues that nation-states should cede a degree of sovereignty to transnational networks ‘horizontally’ and supranational institutions ‘vertically.’ Horizontally, means, for example, that American judges would interact with foreign judges, quote each other’s opinions, and develop joint legal doctrine (what she calls ‘trans-judicialism’). Vertically, she argues that nations should cede sovereign authority to supranational institutions in cases requiring global solutions to global problems, such as the International Criminal Court. In this way, Slaughter maintains that global government networks ‘can perform many of the functions of a world government-legislation, administration, and adjudication-without the form,’ thereby, creating a genuine global rule of law.”

Slaughter’s book looks at several paths to global governance but the current model is being led by transnational corporations via trade agreements and global institutions. Secretary General Kofi Annan, in effect, gave business the green light in 1999 in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos “and he officially launched the program at UN headquarters in New York on July 26, 2000.”

“In the Davos Compact business is invited to follow a definition of values in three areas:  human rights, labor standards, and environmental practices.”

And “the United Nations, under the new Global Compact, encourages market capitalism to expand and helps eliminate barriers to its success, as long as world business accepts the three codes.”

Of course,the corporate/financial interests have totally ignored the terms of the compact and brought about a worldwide financial collapse, seriously affecting workers and their families, something Kofi Annan wanted to avoid with this partnership.

These interests, with legislative help from the nations of Canada, Mexico and the United States, have pushed and paid for NAFTA, NAFTA Plus (the SPP), and the economic merger (a common market) and eventual political integration with the European Union, signed by George Bush on April 30, 2007 in Washington, along with the acting President of the EU, Angela Merkel.

The Transatlantic Policy Network, which includes private organizations (U.S. Chamber of Commerce) and members of Congress and their EU counterparts have an agenda “for ongoing political dialogue building on the evolving Transatlantic Legislators Dialogue (TLD) between members of the European Parliament and the U.S. Congress, possibly into a Transatlantic Assembly.” Yes. A U.S./EU Parliament. Both groups have been meeting for ten years to form this new harmonized part of the global governance package. Check out the U.S. members of Congress who are participants  in constructing this New World Order. Examples:  Senator Eric Cantor [R] and Representative Barbara Mikulski [D].

These trade agreements between nations and regions will be the glue for global governance. The keys to a world united by regions is the harmonization and integration of the economies, laws and open borders. Global institutions, along with regional institutions and governments, will rule the people of the world. And as George Bush said in a joint press release after a meeting with EU leaders  in June of 2008:

“We seek a world based on international law…We are committed to support effective multilateralism, based on a stronger and more efficient United Nations. We will work to strengthen the United Nations so that it can better fulfill the goals and objectives set forth in its mandate…”

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are on board with global governance but claim to be in favor of providing protections for labor and the environment in these trade agreements and regional trading areas.

But it was Bill Clinton who turned his back on labor and forced the North American Free Trade Agreement through Congress, which destroyed American jobs, lowered wages and caused our now annual trade deficit . And it created NAFTA trade tribunals for North America, which have heard lawsuits filed by foreign corporations against the United States, Canada and Mexico. These tribunals have reviewed U.S. Court rulings and can do the same for all courts, including the United States Supreme Court. In its broad area of competence, the trade tribunal is the highest court in America.

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama supported the trade agreement with Peru because they said it provided protection for labor and the environment. But the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers also supported the Peru FTA. Tom Donohue, President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said:

“We are are encouraged by assurances that the labor provisions cannot be read to require compliance with [International Labor Organization] Conventions.”  That is, no enforcement mechanisms, the same as with the other trade agreements. So it appears that Obama and Clinton, to use the polite term, were being disingenuous.

The thing for Americans to know is that transnational corporations, operating under the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC) in alliance with our government officials in the executive branch and members from both Houses of Congress, both Democrat and Republican, are working with global institutions and other governments and regions to bring about some form of global governance. And without the consent of the people.

The warning signs for this New World Order are there if you pay attention. Under global governance, democracy and the sovereign nation-state will no longer exist. In this harmonized world, some of the rights you have now will not exist. The first two to go are the First and Second Amendments. If you have been paying attention, both have been under attack lately, from Congress, Homeland Security and the administration.

In a New World Order, our Constitution will be changed to comply with a supranational regional government of North America and possibly the Western Hemisphere.  In the European Union, all member nations are making changes to their constitutions if they don’t comply with the proposed new EU constitution. If passed, the EU will have sovereignty in many areas of governance. And the EU plan is the one we are following.

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