Demographic Warfare and the Death of America

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Mar 242009

The American Southwest”seems to be returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without the firing of a single shot, nor requiring the least diplomatic action, by means of a steady, spontaneous and uninterrupted occupation.” The Great Invasion. 1982

“A peaceful mass of people, hardworking, carries out slowly and patiently an unstoppable There is no one in our government who will stop this invasion of our nation.invasion, the most important one in human history. You cannot give me a similar example of such a large migratory wave by an ant-like multitude, stubborn, unarmed, and carried on in the face of the most powerful and best-armed nation on earth.

“But neither barbed-wire fences, nor aggressive border guards, nor campaigns, nor laws, nor police raids against the undocumented, have stopped this movement of the masses that is unprecedented in any part of the world.”

Jose Pescador Osuna, then-Consul General of Mexico, speaking in California, 1998:

“We are practicing La Reconquista in California.” (reconquering the Southwest U.S.)

George W. Bush, speaking to Hispanics in a  2000 Miami campaign speech:

“We are now one of the largest Spanish-speaking nations in the world. We’re a major source of Latin music, journalism and culture. Just go to Miami, or San Antonio, Los Angeles, Chicago or West New York, New Jersey…and close your eyes and listen. You could just as easily be in Santo Domingo or Santiago, or San Miguel de Allende. For years our nation has debated this change–some have praised it and others have resented it. By nominating me, my party has made a choice to welcome the new America.”

Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska, 2001:

“Mexico is at this moment recovering territories it lost in the past to the United States thanks to emigration…the common people-the poor, the dirty, the lice ridden, the cockroaches are advancing on the United States, a country that needs to speak Spanish because it has 33.5 million Hispanics who are imposing their culture…Mexico is recovering the territories yielded to the United States by means of migratory tactics.” The New American, May 6, 2002

Harvard Professor Samuel P. Huntington, The Hispanic Challenge, April 2004

“Demographically, socially, and culturally, the reconquista (reconquest) of the Southwest United States by Mexican immigrants is well underway…No other immigrant group in U.S. history has asserted or could assert a historical claim to U.S. territory. Mexicans and Mexican Americans can and do make that claim.”

For transcripts and audios of Mexicans and Mexican Americans talking of racial solidarity and reconquering large sections of the United States, click here. Examples include Henry Cisneros, former U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary and Bill Richardson, former U.S. Congressman, U,N. Ambassador, U.S. Secretary of Energy and Governor of New Mexico.

The “demographic warfare” undertaken by Mexicans against the United States has gained a number of unintentional allies over the last eight years, especially from George Bush, members of congress, corporate America and the (U.S.) Chamber of Commerce. And of course, Mexican racist groups such as La Raza, Democrats (Hispanic votes), and the Catholic Church (They’re hurting for new members).

Bush and the leaders of Canada and Mexico agreed to a security and economic integration of North America at Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005, without consulting congress or the American people. It’s called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP). The Council on Foreign Relations plan for a North American Community, known as the road map for the SPP, will have regional governing institutions for the continent,  which will exercise sovereignty over the member nations, and a dedicated multinational military response force to try and maintain order. See this blog, archives, November 1, 2008, U.S. Army 1st Brigade Combat Team: Part of a Multinational Response Force for North America.

The Mexican invasion is succeeding because George Bush has an agenda that required  The constant theme of Mexican immigrants is that they are the owners of this continent and white Europeans are the illegals. The gringos should return to Europe because they are taking over.bringing in foreigners to work on a temporary basis at cheap wages and little or no benefits. The goal is to greatly diminish the wage differentials between Mexico and its two northern neighbors so that “North Americans” can compete with the world. Keeping the border open has allowed tens of millions of illegals to enter the U.S., providing a new group whose loyalty is to Mexico and not the gringo nation that took their territory by force in the Mexican-American War of 1848.

During Bush’s eight years in office, the border with Mexico remained open, by choice, to the Mexican invasion, along with an influx of massive amounts of drugs, criminals, and possible terrorists. For the Decider-in-Chief, completing a corporate state of North America trumps keeping Americans safe from invasion, a violation of Article IV, section 4 of the U.S. Constitution. But, then, our constitution is also destined for change.

A 2005 U.S. State Department  article states that the  Council on Foreign Relations plan for a North American Community recommends a common security perimeter around the continent, a new border for North America. This would allow the internal borders between Mexico and the U.S. and between the U.S. and Canada to be open to the free flow of commerce and people (cheap labor) throughout North America. See common security perimeter, pages xvii, 8. [see footnote 1 at the end of this post]

The plan for a North American Community is still in play, being put together at the U.S. Department of Commerce, and by inserting necessary legislation in comprehensive immigration bills, such as the common security perimeter, the key to a North American Union.

This march toward a European Union  style of government, with a supranational governing apparatus, has one permanent North American institution in place, the North American Competitiveness Council, and plans for implementing others, a permanent trade tribunal, for example. This tribunal has already exercised its sovereignty over American courts.

The bottom line is that President Obama is responsible for securing our border and he The passage of an immigration amnesty bill will be the official death sentence for our sovereign republic.      has said that he will continue attending the SPP summits, the goal of which is to finish the integration of North America and put in place the rest of the proposed governing institutions, including a North American  Inter-Parliamentary  Group, consisting of members of congress and their counterparts in Mexico and Canada, who have already been meeting on North American issues.

Obama has stated that he will sign a comprehensive immigration “amnesty” bill soon, which will legalize up to 20 million illegals. They will then be able to work at any number of jobs in our nation. And they will be eligible for social security. This comes at a time when, if you haven’t noticed, many Americans are losing their jobs.

To Mexicans, the reconquista, the retaking of territory that was lost to the United Mexicans are confident they will rule, not only the Southwest U.S. but the rest of America, too. States in the War of 1848, is real. Did you notice the Mexican Flags and signs telling gringos to return to Europe during the 2006 marches? These demonstrations and violence against Americans across the nation but especially in California, are the spirit of the times among Mexicans. This movement has grown over the past 15 years and allowing the legalization of these illegal aliens would seal the fate of our nation.

Mexicans have spread across America, and with them came the Mexican drug cartels. They now have organizations in 230 cities across our nation, from sea to shining sea. The violence has spread from Mexico to the U.S.  Atlanta is known as “the new Southwest border”.  See thelastgringo, new blog, March 14, 2009, “Obama should put Armed National Guard on the Border with Mexico”

It appears that those in charge of protecting and defending America have other plans for our nation. This is a part of the New World Order but those who welcome these invaders to our home will find out that their plan to create a world based on open borders, free trade, unfettered capitalism and greed, will bring neither peace nor prosperity.

Our nation is being stretched beyond its limits by unemployment, loss of homes, savings wiped out,  a world running short of resources, including oil, and a U.S Census Bureau prediction of 100 million more people in the next 3 decades, mostly immigrants and immigrant births with no attachment to America.

Without a last minute reprieve, our fate is sealed. America will cease to exist as a sovereign nation or even a single geographical area. Desperate times will bring desperate actions. America will no longer be that shining city upon a hill.

[1] The U.S. Department of State article, ‘North American Task Force Seeks Improved Trade, Border Security’, May 18, 2005, as well as other articles, cannot be accessed from this website since it was blocked  by the State Department in 2008. You can google the article above or try this link (not activated). http :// www.

Note: These State Department documents in the past have had a tendency to become unavailable shortly after an article is published on this website. A reprint of the State Department article with a link to the CFR site can be found at USINFO.htm 

The State Department link above has a link at the bottom of the article that connects to the Council on Foreign Relations plan for Building a North American Community. Many of the recommendations have been implemented and others have to be approved by congress, for example, a common security perimeter, the key to a North American Union.

When you reach the CFR plan, scroll down and to the left, click on English version, 295K PDF. The common security perimeter can be found on pages xvii and 8. Pages 31,32 describe institutions needed to run North America. This is a road map for constructing a corporate state. It’s also a roadmap for the destruction of a sovereign United States of America. Read this 32 page document and it will help you understand what has transpired so far and what remains to be implemented.