Barack Obama: Ready to continue the Integration of North America

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Dec 302008

Obama: “Starting my first year in office, I will convene annual meetings with Mr. Calderon and the prime minister of Canada. Unlike similar summits under Bush, these will be conducted with a level of transparency that represents the close ties among our three countries.”

That statement was part of an opinion piece put out by candidate Obama in February of Obama will continue the integration of North America, begun by President Bush in 2005. 2008. The summit meetings he refered to are meetings of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), a project for integrating the nations of Canada, Mexico and the United States into a trading region of North America, run by and for, transnational corporations. All three leaders agreed to this merger on March 23, 2005, at Waco, Texas.

The road map for this merger of North America is the Council on Foreign Relations Task Force plan for Building a North American Community, with initial governing institutions in place. The North American Competitiveness Council, consisting of 10 CEOs from each NAFTA nation, was made a “permanent institution” in June of 2006. These CEOs (General Motors, Campbell Soup Company, etc.) and their counterparts in Canada and Mexico, “advise” leaders on steps needed to complete this integration. The CEOs meet with the ministers of their respective nations and with their leaders, advising them on what they should do to achieve this economic region of North America. Our current ministers are Condoleeza Rice, Michael Chertoff (the one who’s supposed to be securing our borders), and Carlos Gutierrez.

More from Obama’s opinion piece:

“Our relationship with Mexico should serve as a bridge to greater SECURITY and PROSPERITY in NORTH AMERICA and to better relations with Latin America. But we cannot achieve this PARTNERSHIP unless we engage in sustained and focused diplomacy. (Nice choice of words. By diplomacy, he means continue these meetings and working groups to build that North American Community-or Union).

Part of the SPP is being developed (harmonized and integrated) at the U.S. Department of Commerce. Geri Word, who is in charge of the working groups at the Commerce Department, told me on December 15 that she doesn’t know what changes, if any, will be made under the new administration but the SPP is still in business. So far, it looks like Obama is on board with the integration of North America.

In a speech to the National Council of La Raza (the Race), Obama vowed to sign a comprehensive immigration (amnesty) bill:

“I will make it a top priority in my first year as President…because we have to finally bring those 12 million (up to 20 million) people out of the shadows…That’s why we need to offer those who are willing a pathway to citizenship.”

One result will be the free movement of more cheap labor for corporations into the U.S. to replace the American worker. And our nation loses.  See ‘United States 2009: Unrestricted Immigration’

Many Americans are out of work and losing their homes. This policy of essentially opening up our borders to another surge of illegals is out of touch with reality. And the goal of a trading region of North America, followed by the integration of the Western Hemisphere for the benefit of corporations and a world connected by trade agreements, trumps the rights of American citizens. If Obama pursues the corporate model, North America will soon be “harmonized and integrated,” by force if necessary. (That is, if at some point Americans have had enough and civil “unrest” breaks out. It is being considered as a possible scenario.)

George Bush, at the conclusion of a summit meeting with a leader of the European Union on the 2007 agreement to advance U.S. integration with the EU, issued a joint declaration which included:

“We seek a world based on international law, democracy, the rule of law and human rights, and strengthened by broad and sustainable market-based economic growth…We will work to strengthen the United Nations so that it can better fulfill the goals and objectives set forth in its mandates.” See Bush: Integration with the European Union and a World based on International Law, RayKania, new blog, archives, July 26, 2008.

That world based on international law would eventually apply to the United States, as a member of the trading region of North America and as a member of the AMERICAS, an integrated corporate trading region of the Western Hemisphere. Americans can count on losing their rights, beginning with free speech and the right to bear arms. All integrated regions of the world must harmonize under world standards. That would be international law.

Obama was being disingenuous (lying) when the subject of a merger of North America  came up during the campaign.

During one campaign rally, a citizen asked Obama if he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (a force behind the continental merger) and for a comment on the North American Union (currently under construction).  He gave a strange answer as to his membership in the CFR and inadvertently described the NAFTA Superhighway being constructed in his attempt to dismiss the topic.

Obama: “the CFR is basically just a forum where a bunch of people talk about foreign policy…so theres no official membership. I don’t have a card or a [inaudible, perhaps ‘special’] handshake or anything like that.” See the Membership Roster for the Council on Foreign Relations.

In his answer, Obama said “…there’s no official membership.” In fact there are thousands of individual members. Each potential member must have his or her name submitted by a CFR member and at least three members must write letters explaining why that person should be admitted. It’s a thorough vetting process. I have the latest roster for CFR members.. As of September 1, 2008, Barack Obama and his wife are not members.

And members do more than discuss foreign policy. They even have time to make plans for merging Canada, Mexico and the United States into a “North American Community,” complete with initial governing institutions. It’s called the Council on Foreign Relations Task Force plan for Building a North American Community.

Obama continues: “It (the claim for a North American Union) was based partly on the fact that there’s a highway being built in Texas that will facilitate more transportation and travel between Mexico and the intercontinental United States, on up to Canada so people have perceived that this potentially means that somehow there’s gonna be this union like the European Union…there’s no evidence that this is taking place.”

First, Obama pretended not to be aware of the North American Union. In the video, he asked the questioner about the North America…..and asked for the last word (Union). But then he went on to describe what is called the NAFTA Superhighway, which is real- although the coalition changed the title after the bad publicity that sprang up.

There are private organizations, or coalitions, in alliance with different levels of government in North There are several NAFTA transportation supercorridors planned for the corporate trading state of North America.America, including the United States, supporting the construction of several multimodal transportation corridors, or superhighways, across the continent. These corridors are essential for the implementation of a corporate trading region, with governing bodies to run the continent. Yes, this CFR planned “North American Community” will also have sovereignty over the three member nations of Canada, Mexico and the United states. [1] see link at end for complete documentation.

The CFR plan for North America can be found in an article on a U.S. Department of State website with a link to the CFR. This plan is known as the “road map” for the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. Click here, read the article and click on link at the bottom of the reprinted State Department page. Scroll down and, to your left, click English Version 295K.

Save the document and read it (32 pages). The “specific advice” for constructing this integrated North America, in combination with other forces currently at play, such as changing the demographics of our nation, with up to a hundred million third world immigrants over the next 3 decades, will bring about the end of our sovereignty and the literal geographical demise of our nation. Thus, if successful, Building a North American Community will rank as the most important document in the history of our republic.

The CFR plan for Building a North American Community is the road map for the SPP, a merger of North America without our consent. Obama has said that he will continue the process. A clear explanation of what is happening can be found on page xvii of the plan. It states:

“The Task Force’s central recommendation is establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and security community, the boundaries of which would be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter (around North America).”

A common outer security perimeter will allow for the free flow of people and commerce across the continent’s inner borders. Congress needs to pass legislation for this outer perimeter to go forward. The comprehensive immigration bills that failed to pass the last few years all contained wording that mandated this perimeter, with the Secretaries of State and Homeland Security responsible for the project.

These are necessary steps for integrating the continent and moving toward a union. We are following the same plan and experiencing the same deceptive words and behavior that the citizens of the member nations of the European Union experienced. If the Lisbon Treaty is passed (no referendum by the people), this EU constitution will exercise a growing sovereignty over the member nations.

[1] For documentation of NAFTA Trade Corridors for North America, including more maps, see this blog, archives, July 2, 2008, ‘NAFTA Super Highway: Building a Corporate North America.’

To see how the U.S. (taxpayer) provides funding to Canada and Mexico for multimodal transportation corridors for the North American Community, go to this site and scroll down to ‘Projects in Canada or Mexico.’