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America’s financial crisis is one of the problems resulting from efforts by the global elite, the moneyed interests, to establish a world run by them (unfettered capitalism, free trade) for their benefit on the backs of the working class. And some have predicted that this ill-conceived project will end in disaster for America and the world. In fact, the signs are already here and our nation’s days are numbered.

Americans will face severe hardships as the global economy collapses.In the 2005 book, “The Long Emergency” by James Howard Kunstler, everything will change as oil (and other resources) become scarce. “Globalism will wither. Life will become profoundly and intensely local. The consumer economy will be a strange memory. Suburbia-considered a birthright and a reality by millions of Americans-will become untenable. We will struggle to feed ourselves (no more imported food from China). We may exhaust and bankrupt ourselves in the effort to prop up the unsustainable. And finally, the United States may not hold together as a nation.” [1]

Globalism and the all-consuming greed of corporate America and our “leaders” have dragged our nation into its final historical period. This is being played out, in part, on Wall Street. The rider on a pale horse is this group of elites, would-be masters of the universe. The destruction they are bringing, unwittingly, by pursuing profit without regard for factors such as resource depletion, climate change, and the population bomb, will be devastating as they continue to loot the world.

This corporate money-making venture is made possible by cheap and abundant oil. That oil has now reached its peak and production will be in decline while demand is going up.

The world is becoming modernized and third world nations like China and India are leading the demand. In the next few decades these two consumers are projected to use more oil in a year than the whole world will use this year. There is not enough oil to meet the demand. Oil will not be available at times for any price. And prices will go up. Four dollars a gallon will be considered a time of cheap gas. Wars will be fought for it (Iraq, for example) and governments will fall.

America will be affected severely. Transnational corporations, like Wal-Mart and Microsoft, have based their plans for huge profits on a cheap, dependable supply of oil and labor. The cheap labor is accessed by moving factories to third world nations or importing temporary workers to the United States and replacing American workers. The target is a world wide supply of mobile labor, driving wages down in a “race to the bottom.” Their grand schemes will fail but it’s the workers who will bear the pain.

How will we know the signs of this long emergency for America, an extended period when we try to survive in a United States that is in decline?

According to Kunstler, in a May 14, 2005 interview:

“We’re already seeing them. The two clearest signs are serious geopolitical friction and the volatility in the oil markets. A third one, which hasn’t quite gotten traction, will be disruptions in the financial market. But that could happen at any moment.” See America: When Oil becomes scarce, what then? archives, this blog, May 23, 2008

And the real estate bubble? “Absolutely. The housing bubble is a perverse form of financial behavior. It’s a consequence of capital desperately seeking a way to increase wealth in the conventional sense. And so the housing bubble is a way for residual capital to produce wealth. But like all bubbles, it’a a delusional thing that will probably end in tears.”

Kunstler, Sept. 8, 2005:

“The next thing to look for: If fewer suburban houses are sold because of higher energy prices, the creation of false liquidity in the form of mortgages spun out of thin air will cease. If this stream of false liquidity ceases, the government-sponsored entities who bundle all this debt into tradable instruments will find themselves in trouble. If they go off the rails, the American finance sector will follow like a choo-choo train.”

In another 2005 interview, Kunstler gave a time frame for a significant destabilizing of our society:

“We have reason to believe that we are at or near the peak (of oil) right now (2005) because oil market prices are wobbling and prices are volatile, and there is no swing producer. In the next three years (2008) we are going to be feeling the pain. Our lives are going to be noticeably beginning to be disrupted. In the next 10 years, you will see the beginning of a major collapse of suburbia.” See The Coming Hunger.

The other shoe that’s going to drop is a population explosion in the U.S. over the next 40 years that is encouraged and aided by the current administration, their corporate partners and the Democrats.

The U.S. Census Bureau this year predicted that the U.S. will have a population of 439 million, mostly from immigration, by 2050. They also predict 100 million more will be added by 2039, mostly from the third world. This prediction is on the low side since it did not consider that an immigration amnesty bill will almost certainly pass, officially adding 20 million more illegals to our population. And a PEW poll found that if this bill passes, 40 percent of Mexicans (over 40 million) say they will seriously consider crossing the border to America. And Mexican women download 3 babies each.

Mexicans claim the Southwest United States belongs to them and they will reconquer this land.Mexicans, by the way, have a problem with gringos-white Americans. They feel that they have suffered from a lack of respect from their northern neighbors. They also resent losing their land north of the Rio Grande in the Mexican/American War of 1848. They are taught in school that this land was stolen from them and now, with an open borders policy by the U.S over the last 30 years, they think that they can reclaim it demographically.

The conquered land consists of a large part of the Southwest U.S. but with illegal aliens’ freedom of movement throughout our nation, they want it all, as confirmed by the Mexican marches in 2006. It’s called the Reconquista and you can see the extensive documentation at thelastgringo, with statements, photos and video plus IAATS, Illegal Alien Activity Tracking System across America.

According to the UN; China, India and the United States will have the greatest increase in populations by 2050. As I described above, the population increase by immigration from the third world will be larger than predicted, most likely closer to 200 million if an immigration amnesty bill passes.

Now consider this. We cannot meet our need for oil at this moment (we import 60+ percent). We are also on the downside of the oil peak and demand is going to rise dramatically over the next few decades. And it takes an average of 7 years to bring one oil well online. A significant oil crisis has been predicted in the next 5 to 10 years.  What will life be like in America 20 or 30 years from now. See Crude Awakening.

The global pipeline will not function as designed. Wal-Mart and other transnational corporations will no longer be able to supply us with contaminated products. The middle class will disappear. Jobs of all kinds will disappear. Manufacturing will decline due to shortages of resources. Crude oil, for example, is necessary for the production of over 4,000 products and there are no substitutes.

To all this add global warming (or climate change). According to Kunstler:

“Global warming will add a layer of further desperation to the political turmoil ensuing from contests over dwindling oil supplies. It will aggravate the environmental destruction in China, where massive desertification and freshwater depletion are already at crisis levels, in a nation grossly overpopulated and attempting to industrialize just as the means for industrializing worldwide are diminishing. Global warming will contribute to conditions that will shut down the global economy.” [2]

America is dependent on China and other nations for much of the products we use. In such a collapse and with up to 200 million new immigrants, many illegal, with no allegiance to America, a word like catastrophic is appropriate.

U.N. peacekeepers launch tear gas at Haitians during food riots, April, 2008.This time of tribulation will occur long before 2050. Unemployment will be commonplace. There will be no money for welfare, social security, etc. Millions of desperate people from the Carribean, Central and South America will head to the United States. Haiti will be abandoned, their citizens packed aboard every type of boat, headed north. Food in America will be in short supply. Water, especially in the Western U.S., will disappear in many areas.

Violence will be the order of the day as people, huddled  in enclaves along ethnic lines, fight for survival. Third world starvation and disease will be the norm as the government can no longer keep order. Malthusian Theory will be validated.

[1] James Howard Kunstler, The Long Emergency, (Atlantic Monthly Press, 2005), jacket cover.

[2] ibid, p. 9

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