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“And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more.”

Free trader George Bush has put the lives of American consumers at risk because of reckless trade agreements.Globalist “free traders” have sacrificed the lives of American consumers for the sake of profit. And they continue their quest with no regrets.

In the spring of 2007, the news was about poisoned foods and medicine, originating in third world countries and sent to America (and the world) as a result of trade policies that relaxed or ignored the safety of consumers and the environment.

The first U.S. publicity concerning contaminated products from China occurred when the FDA recalled “canned dog and cat food manufactured by Menu Foods, a company located in Canada whose products were sold by dozens of other food companies under their various brand names. The food was poisoned (by melamine), and it was killing thousands of healthy dogs and cats in ghastly ways, vomiting, bleeding, diarrhea, starvation, and seizures, followed by death.” [1]

Melamine was also found in livestock feed, and thus a link to humans. “FDA officials announced that melamine had been found in the urine of hogs in North Carolina, California, and South Carolina, and that similar melamine-laced food had been distributed to farms in New York, Ohio, and Utah…[and] as many as 3 million chickens that had eaten contaminated feed might have been sold for human food and presumably consumed. [2]

The sources of this chemical used in feed were factories in China. Added to foodstuffs, this cheap ingredient “produces a false test result that tricks people into thinking they are getting a higher protein value than they are.”

In food products, melamine becomes deadly. This was, unfortunately, not an isolated incident. Competing in a global market means corporations will do anything to emerge on top. Lowering costs and maximizing profit is all that matters.

Poison toothpaste sold in a Dollar Plus store in MiamiAn example of deliberately contaminated products which caused thousands of human deaths worldwide involves diethylene glycol (DG). The primary source was China, and it was being used “in products such as cough medicines, toothpastes, and many foods.” This product, an ingredient in antifreeze, killed over 300 Panamanians who took tainted cough syrup. The chemical was also found in toothpaste being sold by Dollar General and other stores. (Again, a product used to lower costs and win contracts with transnational corporations like Wal-Mart.)

“Toxic syrup has figured in at least eight mass poisonings around the world in the past two decades…records and interviews show that in three of the last four cases it was made in China., a major source of counterfeit drugs.”

A few more samples of the dangers presented by global players in their quest for profit:

At least 81 Americans were killed when they took the contaminated blood thinner Some Chinese factories cut costs by using deadly ingredients in their products. heparin, produced in an uninspected plant in China. It was an attempt to cut costs by injecting a substitute ingredient. The killer drug was distributed by Baxter International, Inc. Read this and this for info you need to know.

Up to 80 percent of our vitamins are made in China, even those higher priced brands. I know because I personally checked with U.S. distributers. Vitamins made in China have been recalled in the U.S. because of lead contamination.

A factory manager in eastern China was arrested for using grease from swill, sewage, pesticides and recycled industrial oil to make lard for human consumption. [The New York Times, Dec. 5, 2006]

“Tainted food impacts at least 300 million Chinese people a year and could lead to a disease outbreak that extracts a huge social and economic toll.” [Asian Development Bank] (These are the same entrepreneurs who are sending us contaminated products with no inspection.)

“Chinese pharmaceutical and food industries are so little regulated and Chinese food and drug laws are so weak that such regulations  might as well be nonexistent.”[3]

In recent years, “between 200,000 and 300,000 Chinese died (annually) because of counterfeit medicines.” [4]

George Bush is doing his part to make sure American consumers  aren’t getting safe products from our Chinese trade partners. He continues to shrink the size of the FDA:

“The Bush administration’s FY 2009 budget called for closing five of the FDA regional offices, and seven of thirteen regional testing laboratories as a ‘cost-saving’ measure- meaning more imports and fewer inspections.” [5]

National Wholesale Liquidators sold poison Chinese toothpaste in the U.S.The top three violators for shipping contaminated food, cosmetics, medicines, toys, etc. are China, India and Mexico. Mexico , as you should know, is in the process of integrating with the United States and Canada in order to form a North American Community, a trading state of North America. And yes, there is already one governing institution in place, the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC), consisting of 10 CEOs from each member nation. Wal-Mart is a member of the U.S. NACC.

Mexico is the source of the recent salmonilla outbreak in America and the FDA apparently refused to announce that fact for several months. Mexico has also shipped to America candy contaminated with pesticides and cantelopes irrigated with sewage water.

One reason the FDA seems to be on the way out is that this North American Community has a new “mechanism” in the CFR plan for building this community which will set standards and inspect all products made in the continent. It makes clear that the purpose is to increase profits. This mechanism would reduce costs and speed up development and regulatory approval for new products. This North American process would naturally be extended to other commerce which would be flowing into this continental union.

Under What We Should do by 2010 – Adopt a North American Approach to Regulation:

“Preliminary research suggests that regulatory cooperations in the area of human and veterinary drugs, medical devices, pest control, and chemicals would raise the value of sales in these sectors by more than 10 percent, profits by 8 percent, and the rate of return on new products by an average of 4.8 percent.”

“Two possible approaches to reducing the regulatory burden while maintaining rigorous standards to protect health and safety (not exactly) would be to adopt a ‘tested once’ principle by which a product tested in one country would meet the standards set by another, OR to establish a North American testing center with personnel from each country.” (CFR plan, p. 25.  This would be staffed by corporate North American personnel, whose job would be to speed up the development and approval of products plus “inspect” all goods made in North America. To find this documentation in the CFR plan for Building a North American Community, go to the U.S. State Department, read article, click on link at bottom, then click English version, 295K PDF.)

North American corporations have had a prominent role in the Task Force plan for Building a North American Community. The NACC is responsible for meeting with the “ministers” from each member nation and “advising” them what policies and legislation is needed to build this union. They also attend annual summits with the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States, delivering this advice.

On page xix of the Task Force plan, thanks are given to corporations who contributed to the construction of a North American Community:

“…we are grateful to the Archer Daniels Midland Company , Merrill Lynch & C0….for the generous financial support provided for the work of this Task Force.” (For those of you from Texas, Senator John Cornyn is praised for his contributions to the North American Community in a New York meeting, 2004,  p. xix).

Look for more deaths and injuries for American consumers in the future. This is an excellent situation for terrorists to launch repeated attacks on Americans, producing high casualties.

Most of what we ingest contains products from disreputable third world sources. The next time you take a vitamin, medicine or have a meal, it could be your last act on this earth. Spreading fear? I hope so because the threat is real and growing day by day.

And our leaders and their corporate partners are complicit in these criminal acts, knowing that they are taking place and yet, they still proceed, making us more dependent as we continue to import greater quantities of our basic needs. It’s just the cost of doing business.

Remember, there are essentially no inspections of bulk products heading for the United States from China and the same situation with a smaller, incompetent FDA checking only about 1 percent of  those products coming into the United States.

And there doesn’t seem to be anyone ready to step up and make the changes needed to gain control of this game of Russian roulette. As president, John McCain will pursue the same game plan for more trade agreements and Barack Obama has made no mention of the problem. If elected, he would go along with the program.

The corporations (NACC) won’t take no for an answer.

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