Senator John Cornyn Launches Assault on American Workers-Again

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Apr 162008

Senator John Cornyn [R-TX], a contributor to the Council on Foreign Relations plan for  Building a North American Community, has come out of hibernation and launched another strike at American workers. (On page xix of the CFR plan, under Aknowledgments, Cornyn is thanked for his “…contributions to the (task force) meeting in New York in December 2004.) Photo: John Cornyn is working hard to destroy the American worker to benefit corporations.

This time it’s Senate bill S. 2839, The Global Competitiveness Act of 2008, designed to bring in many more foreign hi-tech workers under H-1B visas, mostly from India, to replace American workers. The foreign workers will work for lower wages and little or no benefits, although there are more than enough qualified Americans to take the jobs. It is part of the goal of being more competitive globally and the way to achieve that is by lowering the wages of Americans. (CFR plan, pp. 27, 28)

Bill Tucker (voice-over), reporting on the efforts of senators to expand the number of H-1B visas issued each year (Lou Dobbs, 04/15/08):

“Senator John Cornyn thinks business needs some emergency relief. Senators Chuck Hagel, Judd Gregg, Joe Lieberman agree. Hence Senate bill 2839 or “The Global Competitiveness Act of 2008.” It doesn’t quite do what Microsoft’s Bill Gates wants to see done with the H-1B visa program, a foreign guest worker program for skilled workers.”

Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman: “Even though it may not be realistic, I don’t think there should be any limit.” (to H-1B visas)

Tucker: “But it would expand the cap by 77 percent, from 65,000 to 115,000 starting next year. The bill is being offered, Cornyn says, because American high-tech companies have thousands of unfilled positions. Yet studies done by the Urban Institute, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and Duke’s Frat School of Engineering all came to a similar conclusion. There is no shortage of skilled American workers.” (Photo: Bill Gates makes plans to transport a large number of cheap, servile Indian workers to America.)

Vivik Wadhwa, Duke University: “So far, I’ve seen no research study which showed there was a shortage of engineers in the USA.”

Tucker: “Worker groups say the picture painted by big business doesn’t match the reality they are seeing and hearing.”

Priyanka Joshi, Washtech: “I get e-mails from all over the country with people who are very well educated, who have American education and they have no jobs at all.”

To see the truth (caught on video) about a labor “shortage” and corporate efforts to avoid hiring Americans, go here.

John Cornyn has been active in sponsoring  or co-sponsoring bills that would help achieve a lower wage scale for North America. On June 26, 2006 he introduced Senate bill S. 3622, the “North American Investment Act,” which is taken directly from the CFR plan for Building a North American Community (p.14). No action was taken on the bill after word leaked out about the content.

Senate bill S. 3622 was to be in effect “for an initial period of 10 years” but could be extended. The United States and Canada would have to contribute money to support this fund. The purpose:

  1. “to increase the economic competitiveness of North America in a global economy;
  2. to reduce the income gap between Mexico and Canada, and between Mexico and the United States.” (CFR plan, p. 14)

This investment fund is designed to raise the wages of Mexicans while north of the border Bush and  transnational corporations like Wal-Mart are working to lower American wages through outsourcing, hiring illegals at cheap wages and issuing hundreds of thousands (for a start) of work visas (H-1B, for example) which allow these corporations to hire high tech engineers and programmers from India at low wages, then fire American workers (jobs that Americans will do).

The plan is to have the wage differentials “diminished considerably” so that citizens of all three member nations can “live and work” anywhere on the continent. (CFR plan, pp. 27, 28)

Senator Cornyn has sponsored and supported bills that would lower the wages of  American workers and further the integration of North America, whatever name you want to give it. The criminal acts that these senators, corporate leaders and others are committing against our republic are the direct cause of the perilous state of our economy and a threat to our very survival.

“To sacrifice the skills of the citizenry of your country is to create a population of imbeciles. To give up self sufficiency is to give up national sovereignty. To allow exploitive globalization is to decrease diversity and not to increase it as some believe. I’m afraid that the USA is on a path to self destruction.” Author unknown