Bush: Protecting America or Monitoring Americans?

 George Bush  Comments Off on Bush: Protecting America or Monitoring Americans?
Feb 252008

“The conciousness of being at war, and therefore in danger, makes the handing over of all power to a small caste seem the natural, unavoidable condition of survival.” (George Orwell, 1984)

“Good morning. At this moment, somewhere in the world, terrorists are planning new attacks on our country. Their goal is to bring destruction to our shores that will make 9/11 pale by comparison.” (George Bush, February 13, 2008) Now you’ve been warned and Bush can save you.

Bush wants the House to pass the Senate version of a FISA bill (intelligence legislation) that would replace the Protect America Act and provide “retroactive protection from lawsuits for telecommunications companies that cooperated with government eavesdropping following the Sept.11 attacks.”

The eavesdropping included reading emails from those who oppose Bush and his corporate partners. I can “personally” verify that from March of 2006 this activity took place. These telecom companies have also signed agreements with the Chinese communist government to censor content on the internet. One U.S. company even provided the Chinese with the address of a dissident named Shi Tao. The man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for speaking out. That’s good training for controlling (already happening) free speech, especially on the internet.

Timothy B. Lee of the CATO Institute wrote, “…nothing catastrophic will happen if Congress doesn’t enact new legislation this week (because nothing will change). The intelligence community will have all the authority it needs to continue its surveillance of suspected terrorists. Yet the president is doing his best to create an atmosphere of panic because he believes that will help him stampede Congress into approving an unnecessarily broad expansion of executive power.”

The fact is that the 9/11 Al-Qaeda attack on America would never had happened if those in charge of our nation’s security had paid attention to the clear warnings about the nature of the terrorists’ plans.

The information was published years before the attack  and in a warning from the Manila police to U.S intelligence. The message was that members of a terrorist group were planning to hijack airliners over the Pacific, then crash them into the ocean and buildings in America.

“In January 1995, the Philippine National Police discovered Ramzi Yousef’s bomb making lab in Manila and arrested an accomplice named Abdul Haldm Murad. Captured materials and interrogations of Murad revealed Yousif’s plot to kill the Pope, bomb U.S. and Israeli embassies in Manila, blow up 12 U.S. – airliners over the Pacific Ocean, and crash a plane into CIA headquarters. Together, these plans were collectively known as the “Bojinka Plot.” Murad was eventually convicted for his role [the attempt to hijack and crash 12 airliners] and is currently incarcerated in the United States.

“The FBI agents interviewed by the Joint Inquiry Staff (Joint House/Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing, 18 September 2002) about the Bojinka Plot confirmed this [narrow] focus, stating that this case was about the plan to blow up 12 airliners and that the other aspects of the plot were not part of the criminal case and therefore “NOT CONSIDERED RELEVANT (my caps).” Note: Find here and scroll down to “International Terrorism against U.S. Interests in the 1980s and early 1990s…” Read this section.

“The incidents confirmed that international terrorists were interested in attacking targets within the United States, including the World Trade Center.

“They provided a data point on a terrorist group discussing a plan to use an aircraft as a weapon.

“All of this historical information (see complete report) was in the possession of the Intelligence Community and other parts of the U.S. Government years before September 11, 2001.”

The dots were already connected. All we had to do was keep Muslims away from airliners. Secretary of State Rice testified that she could not connect those dots with that information. Strange, indeed.

And when an FBI agent told a supervisor that Muslims were training at American flight schools to fly airliners (Phoenix memo, July 10, 2001), that should have been a clue that a problem existed. But it was ignored.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the FISA problem “…would not even be before Congress if Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney,  (‘in their unyielding efforts to expand presidential powers,’) “had not created a system to conduct wiretapping, including U.S. citizens, outside the bounds of federal law.”

The Bush administration has proven that clear, unambiguous intelligence is a challenge to this group. But our leader is more interested in changing the type of government we  have, to one in which our rights and laws will be modified (harmonized) to work with the (under construction) merger of a North American Community.

The fact is we are moving away from the idea of a sovereign nation and the basic rights guaranteed by our constitution. Instead, we are moving toward a regional government, a trading state with governing institutions, including ; a permanent trade tribunal p.21, a North American Competitiveness (originally advisory) Council (already in place, consisting of 10 CEOs from each member nation-Canada, Mexico and the United States), and an Interparliamentary Group, pp. 31, 32. These institutions will eventually develop like their counterparts in the European Union, which is currently forcing a constitution on its citizens without a referendum.

A large region like North America will require a unified  government for running what is, essentially, a corporate state. In case it isn’t obvious by now, corporations, in alliance with the three governments of North America, have been working on this project for a long time. The goal is to free business corporations from government regulations and political roadblocks standing in the way of enormous profits through unfettered free trade.  The stimulus was NAFTA ( North American Free Trade Agreement), which was pushed through by Bill Clinton, who turned his back on labor and the environment.

According to Robert A. Pastor, “NAFTA was merely the first draft of an economic constitution for North America.”

A corporate state, based on the accumulation of wealth for the few and exercising sovereignty over the duly elected governments of the member nations, will have to rule a diverse population of over 500 million people. Since there is no loyalty to North America, the masses must be controlled. (See this blog, The North American Rapid Response Force, archives, Oct. 10, 2007.)

Individual rights will not be at the top of the agenda. Monitoring will be necessary and a North American ID  is in future plans, along with shared databases. Meanwhile, the First Amendment and the Fourth Amendment are under assault by our government. And the Second Amendment will not survive a merger. As in the EU, this trading region will take time but it will happen.  (See this blog, The North American Driver’s License: Preparation for a North American Union, archives, Sept. 24, 2007.)