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“The three governments (Canada, Mexico and the United States) should approach continental issues together with a trinational perspective…Canada and the United States…share a long history of military cooperation and binational defense institutions, and they should continue to deepen their bilateral alliance while opening the door to more extensive cooperation with Mexico.” [1]

A North American rapid response force, a defense force made up of Canadians, Mexicans and Americans, is part of the plan for a merger of North America as mentioned in the Council on Foreign Relations Task Force report, Building a North American Community. The report is being used to implement the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), which doesn’t sound as threatening to our sovereignty as community or union. (This info can be found on the U.S. Embassy website in Canada with  links to the CFR report along with a press release from the Task Force proudly displayed. See URL below). [2]

Planning for a North American defense force as well as a South American defense force has been under consideration for a number of years as leaders of 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere sought to form the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas). This trading region would follow in the path of the European Union, with a supranational government exercising sovereignty over the member states.

The FTAA was scheduled to be in place by 2005 but opposition from key South American nations put the project on hold. As a result, George Bush and the leaders of Canada and Mexico opted for a North American Community (SPP), a merger of the three nations. They hope a successful North American Union will lead to that hemispheric merger.

North America will require a military response force to meet the needs of a unified continent. In the CFR Task Force plan for Building a North American Community, the militaries of the three member states would be integrated. From this a rapid response security force would be formed.

Under What we should do now, the report says:

NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), an alliance between Canada and the United States, “…should evolve into a multiservice Defense Command that would expand the principle of Canadian-U.S Joint command to land and naval as well as air forces engaged in defending the approaches to North America.”

“In the area of military cooperation, collaboration can proceed more slowly, especially between U.S. and Mexican militaries.

“The United States and Canada should invite Mexico to consider more extensive information-sharing and collaborative planning involving military organizations and law enforcement as a means to build mutual trust and pave the way for closer cooperation (integration) in the future. Training and exercises should be developed to increase the cooperation and interoperability among and between the law enforcement agencies and militaries. These steps will provide better capabilities for detection of threats, preventative action, crisis response, and consequence management.” [3]

“Although Mexico…does not share the same history of military cooperation (as Canada and the U.S.), it has recently begun to consider closer collaboration on disaster relief and information-sharing about external threats.” (Remember the Mexican army bringing a convoy of relief supplies to Hurricane Katrina refugees in the United States?)…We propose that Mexico begin with confidence-building dialogue and information exchanges, moving gradually to further North American cooperation on issues such as joint threat assessment, peacekeeping operations, and eventually, a BROADER STRUCTURE for the CONTINENT.” [4]

According to Colonel Joseph Nunez, Department of National Security and Strategy at the US Army War College 2002:

“This new security architecture must be empowered to act decisively and competently. After all, if we – the states of the region – are going to construct a hemispheric (or North American) economic community, there had better be a security community that can protect it, and without delay. In essence, the new security architecture must have STANDING MULTINATIONAL FORCES that can handle humanitarian assistance missions, peacekeeping, PEACE ENFORCEMENT, and other small scale contingencies.” (Insurgencies, perhaps?) [5]

If you harmonize and integrate every area of a union, like the EU, you would need a single government to run it and make laws and regulations that are binding on every person in the union. You would also need that response force to defend the union and control activities within the EU boundaries.

The EU does have a government and is putting together a rapid response force. It is also attempting to claim sovereignty over the member states by forcing an EU constitution (now being called a treaty) on the citizens of the member states without a referendum.

The United States, Canada and Mexico are in the process of harmonization and integration. The NACC (North American Competitivenes Council), a permanent North American institution, made up of CEOs of all three member states (Wal-Mart, UPS for example), are making the decisions on constructing this North American Community and operating it.[6]

The CEOs meet with ministers ( Secretaries Rice, Chertoff and Gutierrez for the U.S) and the three leaders of North America. Prime Minister Harper of Canada made it clear who is running the operation:

“We committed to further engage the private sector. We’ve agreed to set up a North American Competitiveness Council, made up of business leaders from all three countries, to advise us on ways to improve the competitiveness of our economies (by merging the three nations). They will meet with our ministers, identify priorities, and make sure we follow up and implement them.” [7]

The CFR report on Building a North American Community is the “blueprint” for a union of North America. It contains wording that calls for a multinational defense force and institutions leading to a government for North America, including a parliament. It is following the same path as the European Union with the same lies and secret meetings.

And the people, for the most part, continue to live their lives in blissful ignorance.

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