Aug 142007

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The list of contaminated and defective products from China continues to grow. The latest recalls include: Gilbert and Soames toothpaste, made by Ming Fai International Co., LTD, used in hotels, plus Donnamax Inc. products’ Dentapro and Bright Max. These products are made in China and contain diethylene glycol, used in anti-freeze. [1]

America, not so long ago, used to be independent. We produced more than enough for our citizens, with an excess available to sell to other countries.

Now George Bush, the Great Divider, says we live in an interdependent world. The reason for that is Bush and his globalist free traders have made it so with  deliberate actions designed to destroy the nation state and replace it with a world run by trade agreements for the benefit of multinational (the new term is global ) corporations.

The CEOs of these corporations have no allegiance to any nation. Their loyalty is to their corporation, wherever it does business. Corporations have no soul. The only purpose of a corporation is to make profits. Corporate leaders, of course, focus on that goal.

Corporations and their government allies view people as consumers and as tools to be used as cheap labor. The whole world is a source for this labor and can easily be accessed  to provide “willing workers” who will toil long hours for low wages and little or no benefits.

“In today’s flatter world, many key U.S. companies now make most of their profits abroad and can increasingly recruit the best (and cheapest) talent in the world today without ever hiring another American.” [2]

China is the extreme example of this corporate mindset. Anything is acceptable, including slave labor. Using toxic substances in food, cosmetics, medicines, vitamins and children’s toys in order to lower costs become the norm. [3]

Bush is busy trying to create this corporate-controlled world, starting with North America. Many activities handled by government are in the process of being  turned over to corporations to run (privatization). Remember Social Security?

When the Security and Prosperity Partnership, aka North American Community, is in place, the FDA and other agencies with similar functions will be replaced by trilateral corporate institutions whose rules and regulations have been “harmonized” in order to speed up the inspection process and the approval of new products being developed, including medicines. The purpose, of course, is to increase profits. The changeover is underway. [4]

You notice that Bush hasn’t said or done anything about the Chinese health threat to Americans. It’s only going to get worse since our trade deficit with China will continue to rise. Many of the corporations in China are American, led by China-Mart (Wal-Mart). Wal-Mart abandoned America and its workers in exchange for Chinese workers who receive 20 to 35 cents per hour for an 84 hour week and no overtime pay plus horrible working conditions. In addition, to stay on the Chinese Communist’ A list, American media/internet corporations are aiding the government’s efforts to censor the internet, suppress free speech, and even track down dissidents. [5]

Something to consider:

One day in the not too distant future, when most of our products come from China, something happens to disrupt our supply line. For example, a dramatic climate change wreaks havoc on the Chinese economy and the pipeline stops. The country is in turmoil and there is no solution in sight. Other suppliers around the world are also affected. A domino effect takes place.

In “North” America, our open borders has produced a tsunami of immigrants without jobs, water is in short supply, pollution is widespread, our social services system has collapsed, and uncontrolled violence is commonplace as a result of 60 to 100 million new inhabitants. And refugees by the millions from South America are now heading north for what used to be America the Beautiful. 

Nothing can be done. There is no nation, no symbol to rally around. No effective government. Just a mass of angry diversity. A half billion souls trying to survive one more day.

“And the light of a candle shall shine no more in you…for your merchants were the great men of the earth; for by their sorceries were all nations deceived.”

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