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Wording in S. 853, the North American Cooperative Security Act of 2005, would have given responsibility for implementing a “common security perimeter”  around North America, a crucial part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, to several cabinet secretaries, including the Secretary of Homeland Security.[1]  

Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security, has played a significant role in implementing the SPP, which was agreed to by George Bush and the leaders of Canada and Mexico on March 23, 2005. This means following the blueprint for the SPP, the Council on foreign Relations’ plan for Building a North American Community (a Union). He was praised by President Bush for his work on the project, a task with the goal of harmonizing and integrating the United States with Canada and Mexico:

“President Bush commends Secretaries Rice, Gutierrez and Chertoff, and their Mexican and Canadian counterparts, for their hard work over the past few months. Their report represents an important first step in achieving the goals of the SPP.” [ 2]

The essential tool for launching the full integration of North America (with a government) is this common security perimeter, which would open the borders for the free movement of people and commerce. And the only way to achieve it is through “…specific policy, STATUTORY, and procedural changes in all three nations.” The wording for this security perimeter can be found in the CFR plan as well as hidden in a number of unsuccessful immigration bills over the past two years. The Secretary of Homeland Security would be directly involved in the process. [3]

In S. 853, co-sponsored by CFR member John McCain, Chertoff’s responsibility regarding the common security perimeter is spelled out:

SEC. 3, (a) “Not later than 6 months after the enactment of this Act, and every 6 months thereafter, the Secretary of State, with the SECRETARY of HOMELAND SECURITY and the Secretary of Defense…shall submit a joint report…[with] a description of the efforts to carry out this section…”

SEC. 3, (7), (E) (the following project) “developing and implementing a North American immigration strategy that works toward the development of a common security perimeter by enhancing automated reporting and risk targeting of international passengers.”

SEC. 5 Improving the Security of Mexico’s southern border. This section directs the United States to aid Mexico in gaining control of its southern border with Guatemala and Belize, a step in completing the common security perimeter. [4]

With a ‘…security perimeter around North America all foreigners would be cleared through ports of entry in any of the member states. Once cleared , they are considered cleared throughout North America and can travel without delays. Imported goods would also be cleared in the same manner and transported by highway and rail (eventually) throughout North America on transportation corridors-without stopping at the borders.’ [5]

‘In addition, systems such as biometric identifiers, passport cards, and Real ID would enable citizens to move freely throughout North America. They would be free to “live and work” anywhere inside the perimeter. There would be no immigration problems because all citizens inside the perimeter would be citizens of North America.’ [6]

Michael Chertoff recently announced, reluctantly and angrily, that the Bush administration was initiating a “crackdown” on illegal aliens. At the same time he placed the blame on Congress for hardships that would be suffered by employers as well as the separation of families when the enforcement takes place. He and Bush both called on Congress to bring up another compehensive immigration bill.

It would appear that Bush and Chertoff are not sincere about enforcing the law. One thing is certain. Both are guilty of violating their oaths of office by failing to secure our borders and to protect Americans from attacks, not only from foreign terrorists but from illegal aliens who wound and kill American citizens daily by drunk driving, rape, robbery and murder. And in the Los Angeles area, there is an acknowledged ethnic cleansing of Black Americans by Latino gangs, with a membership of up to 50 percent illegals. [7]

How can Chertoff work for opening the border with Mexico and secure it at the same time? Exactly, he can’t. He and Bush are trying to achieve this security perimeter, the key to a union of North America, before Bush leaves office.  (For the documentation on three bills, including immigration bills S. 2611 and S. 1639 that contain wording for a common security perimeter, see #6 footnote.)




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