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Citizens of the United Kingdom want no part of the latest version of the European Union, the one with the constitution disguised as a treaty. They now realize that they have been lied to by their leaders and instead of a common market, they got tons of laws and regulations from the EU government and a giant step toward a single sovereign state.

In fact, up to 80 percent of laws for the union are passed by the EU Parliament and Council. And all laws are binding on the citizens of every member state and can not be rejected by the local parliament. It is merely a rubber stamp. The complaint in the UK is that our parliament has lost it’s sovereignty so why should we vote. And voting is down in the UK.

Tony Blair led his citizens down this road to a supranational government with lies just as George Bush is leading Americans down the road to a union of North America by saying nothing while the conspirators work secretly on the deconstruction of America. And no one, not even the press, will ask him about the most important event in the history of our nation. As a result, a growing number of citizens in both countries have referred to their leader as a traitor.

In a recent session of the House of Lords in the UK, June 8, 2007, Lord Moran said:

“Numerous polls show that two-thirds or three quarters of the public believe that we should leave the EU, or at any rate have a much less constricting relationship, while only a small minority favour continuing membership. The latest poll I have seen found that 69 per cent would either like to leave the EU or would like a looser relationship with it…” Column 1437 [1]

A majority of British citizens who oppose the constitution and a single supranational government want a referendum on this new constitutional “treaty” but Tony Blair and the new Prime Minister Gordon Brown both say there is no need for one. The voice of the people will not be heard.

Lord Willoughby de Broke, Column 1433:

“The transfer of power away from the Parliament (UK) and the people it represents has been inexorable. The EU has always used the deliberately insidious but highly successful Monnet model-the method of moving ahead by small but incremental movements.”

This is also known as functional integration. That is “if states could not be directly persuaded openly to coalesce and to become a single nation state, they could indirectly be lured into doing so…” by this process. “The idea was that common patterns could be created through a particular sphere of activity so that states could be drawn together and, before they knew where they were, they would be irreversibly interlocked.”

This is happening in America as George Bush and his corporate conspirators work secretly to achieve a government of North America.

Bush and corporate leaders know that Americans overwhelmingly oppose the idea of a union and the end of America as a sovereign nation so they accomplish their dirty deeds in secret, aided by the silence of the majority of the news media, who support the project.

They move incrementally with “trade agreements” pushed through Congress by fast track. Examples are: CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) and NAFTA (North  American Free Trade Agreement).

Other plans, devised behind closed doors are: the Council on Foreign Relations plan for Building a North American Community(a blueprint for the SPP), and the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America), which was agreed to by the leaders of the United States, Canada, and Mexico on March 23, 2005.

Congress was not consulted. However, individual members were on board and are a part of the cabal (Richard Lugar, John Cornyn, John McCain, Katherine Harris) working toward America’s demise. McCain and Harris are members of the Council on Foreign Relations and are playing important parts in implementing this union. [2]

Illegal immigration is a way to help advance the union of North America. The plan: Fail to enforce the security of our border and allow tens of millions of illegal aliens from south of the border to cross over and spread across America.

They take jobs from American workers for cheap wages. Work visas and other programs are increased and millions more high tech and professional workers enter our nation, further driving down wages. Corporate CEOs (Bill Gates) are happy since it means they can make more profits from this particular region of their global empires.

Meanwhile, the demographic change in our nation and the free flow of workers (citizens of North America) across borders is a fait accompli, a goal of the CFR plan.

Americans must then adjust to the continuing demographic change in their nation as well as a decline in their standard of living. Implementation of a number of programs in the SPP have also been completed, thus creating more common patterns that interlock, de facto, the three nations of North America.  

Other goals of the CFR plan have repeatedly been submitted to Congress, hidden in immigration bills. But they failed. They include: Totalization of Social Security with Mexico, expanding “temporary” migrant worker programs, and a common security perimeter around North America. [3]

Enhancing support for North American education programs, though, has spread throughout all levels of education in the United States. And fifteen universities from all three nations of North America participate in a North American Parliament annually; which means that within the next 10 years or so the propaganda will have taken effect on the younger generation and the idea of North America as a single sovereign state will be viewed as the logical course to take. [4]

Lord Weatherill, 27/6/03, column 571:

“I hope that it is not being too dramatic to say that we are approaching one of the great crossroads of history. It is far easier to lose our freedoms than to regain them.” (comments on the European Union)

Great Britain is at a crossroads and the choice of remaining a free and sovereign democracy could be decided soon without the approval of its citizens. It took over 50 years to reach this point.

But those who are dedicated to ending the United States of America as a sovereign republic have made great progress since Bill Clinton turned his back on American workers and pushed NAFTA through congress.

Given the unique circumstances of our nation, we also stand at a crossroads. We must stop the invasion at our southern border, control immigration, and clean out the foreign criminal elements that are destroying us. We also need to take action against corporate leaders and re-examine those trade agreements And we must remove from office those in government who have violated their oaths of office as well as the laws of our nation.

Overthrowing the Republic is a crime whether you do it with guns or by stealth.


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