Robert Pastor and the North American Parliament

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Jul 272007

“Imagine that the United States, Mexico, and Canada were negotiating a common external tariff, one that treats all of North America as a union similar to the European Union.

And imagine that water issues, telecommunications, and human trafficking  were being dealt with in the same way by a North American Parliament comprising representatives from all three nations.” [1, Sally Acharya, American Weekly, see below]

Archarya is talking about the model North American Parliament which Robert Pastor has nutured the past few years. Pastor has promoted this as a way to train the next group of leaders who will govern North America; with institutions like a parliament, a permanent tribunal, and a North American Competitiveness Council. The NACC is already a functioning institution and its members are making decisions for completing this union of North America as well as running it. Their decisions are being implemented by the leaders of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. [2]

Pastor has written about merging all three nations into a union. He is the author of “Toward a North American Community” and has testified before the Senate on this project, which will have a regional government and a common currency. The eventual goal, however, is integration of the Western Hemisphere (34 nations)  run by a supranational government based on trade agreements. It will have sovereignty over the member states.

Pastor was a co-chair of the Council on Foreign Relations task force that produced the plan “Building a North American Community.” Many of the ideas in this plan are being put into place by the working groups of the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America), which was agreed to by the leaders of the three NAFTA nations on March 23, 2005.

The work is being done in secret at the U.S. Department of Commerce under the direction of Geri Word, who is coordinating with her counterparts in Mexico and Canada. Some of the work has to go through Congress and is being hidden in other legislation or submitted piecemeal in smaller bills. Each immigration (amnesty) bill in the last two years had wording in it that would further the development of a united North America. [3]

The Model North American Parliament, under Pastor’s direction, was held in the Canadian Senate in 2005, the Mexican Senate in 2006, and in the United States in May of 2007. The North American Forum on Integration organized the model parliament, which has students from 15 universities in all three nations attending in order to train for the real parliament in the near future. [4]

The 2007 parliament was held at American University and the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, with 78 students making laws for North America. These laws in the real parliament would be binding on every citizen of North America. The North American government would have sovereignty over the three member states. This is the same model being used in the European Union.

The students (in Washington) “met…to craft amendments to four proposed resolutions and to…” according to Pastor, “shed the caution of our current leaders and propose a new and bold vision for our three countries.”

Pastor added, “The future of the world community requires integration. The future can only be one in which we lower barriers, interact, and communicate every day.”

The goals of the model parliament and the North American Forum on Integration are:

1. Making the academic world, the public and decision-makers aware of the  challenges posed by integration between the three NAFTA countries.

2. Identifying the elements of the North American agenda which would allow the consolidation (unification) and reinforcement of the North American region.

3. Develop a trilateral approach to political and economic issues and a feeling of belonging to North America. (You are a citizen of North America).

The students attending these model parliaments will replace those who sit in Congress now and their training will mean the end of our sovereign nation as they move up to a North American Parliament and enact laws for the union. Their oaths of office will be to North  America.

The EU government is further down that road, pushing the “new” replacement for the rejected European Constitution (more deception) and continuing to take over more areas of responsibility from the member states. Citizens in Germany and the United Kingdom, for example, complain that 80 percent of laws passed are by the EU Parliament and Council so it doesn’t matter who they vote for in their local parliament.

As Pastor put it, “We need a North American parliamentary group…and the seeds of it are right here.”

The North American Parliament, like the NACC, is in the plan. It will happen if the American people don’t become informed and take the action needed to stop and remove those “leaders” from office who are responsible for their conspiracy with corporate leaders to destroy, literally, our government and our nation. They are the greatest threat to America.


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