May 102007

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The last two decades have seen efforts by the NEW WORLD ORDER elites increase considerably as they execute their plan to bring about the end of the sovereign nation state.

On June 27, 1990 George H.W. (NWO) Bush announced the Enterprise for the Americas Initiative with “the eventual goal of a free trade area covering the entire Western Hemisphere.” It would follow the path of the European Union as it moved from a common market to a soon-to-be sovereign European superstate, without the knowledge of consent of the people.

George W. Bush picked up the torch for the Americas” Initiative. now called the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas), in a speech on the National Security Strategy of the United States [September 20, 2002]

We will “press regional initiatives. The United States and other democracies in the Western Hemisphere have agreed to the Free Trade Area of the Americas, targeted for completion in 2005.”

Although the FTAA ran into some roadblocks it is still an active project. In the meantime, another agreement, called the SPPNA (Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America), was initiated in Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005 by the leaders of the United States, Mexico and Canada. The completion date of this union is scheduled for 2010 under a plan for Building a North American Community.

The plan was put together by a task force at the Council on Foreign Relations, also without the knowledge or consent of the American people. Working groups, operating out of the U.S. Department of Commerce under Geri Word, are constructing this union with input from their counterparts in Mexico and Canada. Key components for constructing this union are embedded in both the Senate and House immigration bills. Some legislators want to use S. 2611, which was passed by the Senate in 2006. It also has the same wording for building the union, SEC. 113, (3), (E) and SEC. 114. See New House Bill Aids North American Union at

It will be a superstate, with institutions that govern North America. It will also have sovereignty over the three member states. North America can later add new members, like the EU is doing. This new trading state (essentially the FTAA by another route), when completed, would consist of 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere and 800 million people, plus a new name.

George Bush is on record for this integration of regions and the world with global trade agreements.

“In a globalized world, events beyond America’s borders have a greater impact inside them. Our society must be open to people, ideas, and goods from across the globe (Especially nutritious foods from China)…A diverse, modern society has inherent, ambitious, entrepreneurial energy.” ( And as we all know, Diversity is Our Strength.) [ U.S. Security Strategy]

The FTAA will “…alter trade and business patterns for every country involved…[and] effectively form a basis for more ADVANCED ‘GLOBAL PROGRAMS.’ [The Merging of the Americas in a New Global Order, Carl Teichrib, Oct 2003]

Robert Muller, former United Nations Assistant Secretary General, elaborated on this at the 1997 Global Citizenship 2000 Youth Congress:

“…let us create regional continental units…the European Union, an American Union which I’ve been pushing, too–and this is how you got the trade agreement between the US and Canada. And then we’ll take the five continents, and the five continents, if they’re united, will create a World Union.” [re-zoning, p.2]

In 1992 Professor Philip Bom predicted:

“The European community will be transformed into an all-European Union. So, too, the Americas (Western Hemisphere) will be transformed into an integrated region of the NEW GLOBAL ORDER…

What is new is the drive and determination to develop common markets for political economic integration [governments]. Correspondingly, there is the determination to INSTITUTIONALIZE interdependence: a new global order through regional, bilateral and multilateral regulations…and through joint PARLIAMENTARY bodies.” [re-zoning, pp. 2,3] See North America: Documentation at

George Bush, ten years later in his speech on the U.S. National Security Strategy:

“The Administration will work with Congress to enact new bilateral, regional, and global trade agreements that will be concluded under the Trade Promotion Authority (fast track).

“Trade policies can help developing countries strengthen…open societies…and regional integration.” [U.S Security Strategy]

“Ultimately, however, the globalization of hemispheric free trade runs counter to national independence, bringing each of the participating countries into a converged economic, political, and military structure. Think of it as a ‘grand chess play,’ where the average citizen doesn’t even make the grade of ‘pawn.’ [re-zoning, Carl Teichrib]

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