May 252007

This is what George Bush, globalism and free trade has brought to America.

U.S. health officials (FDA) are checking all shipments of toothpaste coming from China “after the lethal chemical diethylene glycol, used in engine coolants, was found in toothpaste sold in the Dominican Republic and Panama…Tainted toothpaste has also been reported in Australia.”

Diethylene glycol from China also “killed people in Panama last year when it turned up in cough syrup as a harmless sweetener. An FDA spokesman says no test results are available yet on the toothpaste at U.S. ports.”

The tainted toothpaste problem comes after Chinese-contaminated pet food, which killed and sickened an unknown number of animals in the United States, was also traced to the human food chain: chickens, hogs and farm-raised catfish.

“A factory manager in eastern China has been arrested for using grease from swill. sewage, pesticides and recycled industrial oil to make lard for human consumption.” [The New York Times, Dec. 5, 2006]

“…Tainted food impacts at least 300 million Chinese people a year and could lead to a disease outbreak that extracts a huge social and economic toll,” according to the Asian Development Bank.

“In recent years, China’s actual food safety situation has led no one to be optimistic…The economic and social impact of the production of tainted foods is very large…diseases stemming from food can have a negative social impact and can even influence social stability.” [Health Information Operation]

America, which used to produce food for its own citizens, now sells much of it to overseas markets as part of the globalization process (You know, we’re all interdependent). This is taking place under the WTO, NAFTA and many other trade agreements that George Bush is pursuing, all for the benefit of the multinational corporations’ bottom line.

In return, we import food products from third world countries, produced by governments and corporations where health and food safety is not part of the equation. The bad news is that China is a major supplier of ingredients used in both pet and human food products marketed by U.S. companies.

More bad news: China “supplies 80 percent of the world’s vitamin C…one-third of the world’s vitamin A…and many health food supplements.” And, earlier this year, lead-contaminated multivitamins showed up on the shelves of U.S. retailers. [NPR]

And finally, just about all of the food products imported from China is not tested or inspected. Bush has cut back on employees at the FDA and they can’t handle the task.

With the new trade agreements and the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership) of North America, also known as North America (the union), testing and standards will be set up by multinational corporations with the clear purpose of increasing profits.

The job of protecting your health and life is in your hands. You can only lose if you continue to play this game of Russian roulette. So start today by not buying any food, health food supplements, cosmetics, anything that can harm your body through contact, from China. You should extend that list to other countries as many have a rap sheet, although not even close to China’s record.

Some products are not required to have country of origin labels so you may try checking with the FDA. There is a link on the NPR site listed above that has info on products from China that have been refused at U.S. ports and the reason for the action.

This is one boycott that will work. We have a clear and present danger and a solution. Buy American. Although we have tainted food problems at times, it’s nothing on the order of this continuing nightmare out of China.

You have an easy choice. Stand up and send a message to Bush and his corporate buddies.