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Mar 212007

If the Kennedy/McCain comprehensive immigration bill of 2007 passes, a crucial piece of legislation will be in place to complete the integration of America, Canada, and Mexico. Yes, the North American Union.

The current immigration bill of 2007, being put together in secret, is a revised version of S. 2611, the Comprhensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 and contains wording that designates the Secretary of State as the one responsible for overseeing progress on, among other things, the completion of “a common security perimeter” around these three nations.

This would make it possible for the borders to eventually be open to the free flow of people and commerce and the development of a fully integrated community (union). In fact, two elements of an “economic” government for North America are in place, the NAFTA tribunal and the NACC, consisting of 10 CEOs from each nation (WAL-MART, UPS, LOCKHEED-MARTIN) that is “institutionalized” and meeting with leaders and high officials. They tell government what they want and it becomes implemented.

This plan for a common security perimeter around North America is taken from S. 853, co-sponsored by John McCain, a member of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). He is also an open borders and North American Union advocate, who will certainly keep the wording in his new immigration bill. The source for S. 853 and a common security perimeter comes from the corporate-sponsored CFR plan for Building a North American Community and can be found on pp.3,8 of the plan.

To find this info in S. 2611, go to:

SEC.113, (3), (E): Reference to “a common security perimeter.”

SEC.,114, (b), (1,2): Improving The Security Of Mexico’s Southern Border. The United States and Canada would help Mexico secure its border with Belize and Guatemala, thus completing the common security perimeter around North America.

To find this info in S. 853, go to:

SEC. 3, (7), (E): Reference to “a common security perimeter.”

SEC. 5, United States to help Mexico secure its border with Belize and Guatemala.

S. 2611 is a long bill and more components of the integration of America, Canada, and Mexico are embedded in it. I’ve found some. For example, drivers licenses, courtesy of the Real ID Act of 2005, will be tested after the immigration bill is signed in demonstration programs.

Using machine readable technology, a driver’s license which meets the requirements… shall be deemed to be sufficient to enter the United States from Canada or Mexico through not less than 1 designated international border crossing in each state participating in the demonstration program.

All three nations will, of course, harmonize their systems and maintain data bases on every citizen of their nation with a license and documents that support the info on each license. The documentation will be stored on digital images, which can be called up instantly to verify identity, driving record, etc. [SEC. 135]

This opens up all kinds of possibilities.

Americans must speak up loudly and demand that their representatives thoroughly inspect the new immigration bill and reject this “Crime Against America Act.” This is your last chance to defeat the corporate/government attempt to overthrow our constitutional republic and the rights we had before this evil cabal seized the opportunities provided by 9/11.

And those who commit these acts in secret against America, as if they are doing something illegal, something shameful, must be treated like the criminals they are.

For complete documentation on the North American Union, visit: