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Jul 282006

George Bush, Vicente Fox, and Stephen Harper, together with the heads of multinational corporations in America, Mexico, and Canada, are in the process of destroying the sovereignty of all three governments as they form a political and economic union, with a common outer perimeter and open borders. The goal is for completion of the union, without the knowledge or consent of Congress or the American people, by the year 2010.

This Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America was announced on March 23, 2005, by Bush and the other two leaders (Martin of Canada) at a meeting in Waco, Texas. All three committed their nations to this union, essentially a coup d’ etat without weapons, which would be run by trade agreements for the benefit of multinational corporations and nothing for the workers but cheap wages and competition from Mexicans. Organizations will be in place that will eventually morph into a European Union type of government, a supranational government in which the member states (including America) will be subservient.

The Council on Foreign Relations was chosen to develop a plan for this union and each leader appointed “ministers” to meet and submit “a trilateral report setting setting forth specific and measurable goals, along with action plans for implementation.” Representing the United States in dismantling the sovereignty of the U.S. are Secretaries Carlos Gutierrez, Condoleezza Rice, and Michael Chertoff. George Bush commended them for their efforts on June 27, 2005.

The few announcements made by Bush through the Whitehouse website were vague and general, enough so that an ordinary citizen would not suspect that his motives would be harmful to America. The plan and other details about this stealth dismantling of our nation piece by piece are available from official sites on the internet. Please read the information at the websites provided below and take action to stop George Bush and his corporate allies’ destruction of America.

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