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Attention Readers:

Ray Kania, the author of TheSigintReport.com, went to his last rodeo in 2017. In the interest of all who relied on his articles, please use this site as a resource that has accurately predicted our future, through documentation, despite the efforts of the last two administrations, Republican and Democrat – especially the State Department and Homeland Security.

NAFTA & NWO V1NAFTA & NWO V2Before he left us Ray initiated the process that would take his articles to print. NAFTA and the New World Order is a two volume set of his articles on these topics in date order beginning in 2005. The original articles are still in place and distributed across all four of his sites including RayKania.com, TheLastGringo.com, TheSigIntReport.com and TheSouthernBlog.com. These sites have been maintained as a memorial to Ray and a means to validate the printed version of those articles with their links which document them. The books themselves are available on Amazon as NAFTA and the New World Order Volume 1 and NAFTA and the New World Order Volume 2 to any wishing to purchase the printed works. Profit from the sale of these books will go to the maintenance and security of these sites. More of his writing may be set to print in the future. For now any wishing to simply contribute to keeping his sites in place are encouraged to use the Donate button in the sidebar.

Visit the NAFTA page where government documents reveal and connect their (active) plans for the integration of North America, the Americas and a world put together and run by trade agreements and global governance (UN) for international matters of concern, followed by regional governance. All of this, of course, is already under construction and verified, a world where everyone is destined for civil registration and biometric ID cards. The Americas, for example, are working on civil registration to be completed by 2015. All inhabitants of the Americas will have their names and data on interconnected databases. The European Union has such a system working and still developing.

Did anyone mention Democracy?  Our marching orders will come from above. You are being prepared. As George H.W. Bush has said in many speeches, there will be a new world order.

During my time away, articles of interest to my readers will still be published occasionally.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Sigint Report covers threats to America and its citizens, both from internal and external sources. Some threats, such as Islamic terrorists, present a danger from abroad, either to our interests overseas or internally, to targets on American soil. Other threats, for example, overpopulation and the resulting resource shortages, are moving relentlessly toward a showdown with the earth’s inhabitants.

Internal threats emanating from our elected leaders present the most serious danger to our nation. These leaders are responsible for;

  • Their failure to protect us from attacks
  • Violating Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution; their oath of office.
  • The destruction of our economy because of their support for unfettered capitalism
  • A flood of illegal aliens from Mexico which caused the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Americans while draining the resources of the United States.
  • Allowing the Mexican drug cartels to operate freely in the U.S. from coast to coast.
  • The demographic destruction of our history, culture and language
  • No plan to conserve dwindling resources as our nation is inundated by nearly 100 million people in less than 40 years.

Now our leaders, both Democrats and Republicans, have been on a mission over the last two decades to destroy our sovereign nation and replace it with regional and global governance.

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